Dream bag that does not exist!

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  1. Oh god! It happen to me this morning! I had a dream that I was inside LV trying on the Palm Springs backpack in empreinte leather. I remember feeling happy and commented how the S-lock looked unique on the exterior pocket. I remember in the dream of me pestering the random SA to ring it up quick.

    I think my dream is really about wanting a red Balenciaga backpack. The backpack in my dream was red and the size of the palmspring backpack is a lot lager then the actual MM size. That how I interpreted the meaning of my dream.
    What bag did you dream about that doesn't exist in reality?
  2. Well, I dream about epi Alma with gold hardware. Light grey or navy would look lovely with ghw. A girl can dream, right?
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  3. Sure can! :P
  4. I once dreamed that I had a black leather Delightful with silver hardware and a suede interior. Woke up, still wanted it, knew LV would never make it, said to heck with it and went to a local leather craftsman who made the exact bag I wanted. It has the design and similar hardware of the OM MM but nowhere does it say 'LV'...easily one of my faves!
  5. Oh my, that would be lovely! There are a few canvas bags I wish LV would produce with Emprient leather, but your back sounds particularly lovely. I love a suede interior and don't care if it adds weight. I love reaching into a bag with a soft, luxurious interior.
  6. Oh my, that sound so lovely!

    It did look stunning in the dream. You know, it funny, in my dream I did not get to see the interior of the backpack.