Dream bag, need info on it?

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  1. I was lurking through e*ay just admiring the bags that are listed. When there it was, at first i thought how bubbly is this.. Then i pay close attention. It has everything ive been looking for in a bag!!! CC closure, size of a jumbo (without the stiffness), long handle drop with the leather on top handle for your shoulder, and most important.. SMOOSHY! So i need to know is 1. what is the exact retail on this? 2.also for how long do you ladies think it will be available? esp. in this gray color... If anyone has the code i can copy down for when im able to purchase this please. 3. Also is this lambksin leather? Pleassee help! TIA!:yahoo:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. It's $2850. The codes would be A39695 Y05112 for the style and 63803 for the color.
  4. Thanks so much NanamiRyu! Always great help :smile: is this lambskin or calfskin? Do you think i would be able to get my hands on this later down the road in this gray color? I was hoping to buy a bag around winter :sad: I know some bags are gone fast. They have it listed for more than 3k so i thought it was very hard to find because of that, $2850 seems such a better price!
  5. Here's a pic of mine from last year next to a jumbo.


    They are pretty close in size but each one has both plus and minus parts. I like how BQ flap is less structred and has a HUGE back pocket. But the opening under the flap is quite narrow, especially compared to a jumbo. It can hold a lot (I think pretty much the same as a jumbo) but you can't carry certain long items that would fit in a jumbo.
  6. Thanks for the information!!!:smile: Your jumbo is gorgeous btw! Is that the teal lambskin one?
  7. Oh, yeah... I forgot to mention this year's BQs are calf instead of lamb like last year. Truth be told, I didn't care much for 08A BQs once I saw and touched them in person. I didn't know they would change the leather, so it was quite a disappointment for moi. I ended up naying the bags I waitlisted for and currently thinking of getting more 07A ones.

    BUT of course they didn't have gray ones before, so if the color is calling you, you should go for it. I *think* gray one is becoming to be the favorite of this year, so it would be harder to get. The price on eBay is ridiculous though. I'd call around and see if it's still available.
  8. I think Nordstrom and BG have it (the 08A BQ)... Good luck!
  9. i knew it was lambskin in some time lol! but its better thats calfskin. good luck as you can see ^ still available. :nuts:
  10. wow that bag is gorgeous!
  11. very pretty!
  12. Gorgeous bag! I'm actually glad that they changed from lambskin to calfskin. I always loved the BQ but was too afraid to get it in fear I wouldn't be able to clean it or it would scratch too easily.

    Let us know if you wind up getting it, I'd love to see more pics!!!
  13. Hi NanamiRyu,

    Can you mind posting photo of you modelling in the BQ bag? I have ordered the bag in Burgundy color this year and am undecide whether I should get it.
    Many thanks !

  14. I was in NYC on Saturday. BG had it in bordeaux and was getting it in black. Chanel on 57th had the larger flap in black. Saks had the '07 in both the green and beige.

    I wish the turquoise jumbo was really the color in the picture! It was really gorgeous but was indeed a teal green vs blue.