Dream Bag Help, Please!

  1. i have tried and tried to get this chanel bag out of my head because i dont think i can find it (especially for a decent price) but i can't help myself! I am completely obsessed with coco's croco reissue! Does ANYONE know any stores that have it or could possible have it,? Any help or information will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.

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    dream purse.jpg Croco reissues.jpg
  2. Check w/ Chanel/SCP- Costa Mesa, CA
    (714) 754-7455
    Ask for Mary Scott
  3. I saw it at Rodeo Drive two weeks ago. Decent price? I wouldn't hold my breath. I hope it's still there for your sake :heart:
  4. I saw the turquoise at South Coast Plaza Chanel last Saturday.
  5. Saks New Orleans has a purple and a black
    Call 504-524-2200 ext 5355 and ask for Rhoda
  6. Anyone know the current US retail price of these reissues off the top of their head? The purple one totoro928 has is sooo beautiful!
  7. for a decent price...i think your best bet would be eBay. i saw a few that went well under retail. but otherwise the boutiques still have them.
  8. Hey guys, i'm hunting for the EXACT same bag and colour as well. Toroto928, may i know whats the size or measurement of the bag u have ? is it 226/227 ? I've made an order from the Chancel boutique in Haiwaii to have them ship over to London but i'm not sure of the size i'm getting.I dont want to pay for the wrong item. Please if anyone else knows the size of the picture on the 1st post please let me know ASAP. Thank you all
  9. Also, any idea what size is the bag below ? BIG THANX
    chanel-fall-2007-handbags-2.jpg chanel-satin-flap-designer-purse-turquoise.jpg
  10. Hi, Bethy, I saw the blue one just yestoday at Chanel Botique on Rodeo. And I saw it at NM not that long ago also. Good luck:heart:
  11. thanks so much! are they by any chance on sale? that might be too good to be true
  12. I have seen this in purple, black at our local store in singapore......i think it's ard SGD4000+ for the large size (can't recall the exact price).
  13. Nordstrom MOA has one turqoise and one black left in 225 size and one black in 226 size.