Dreading back to school

  1. Is anyone else dreading going back to school, ours is a tiny school, but there are some really strange parents there who cause loads of trouble. The last few weeks have been really refreshing not having to do the daily school run, and not hearing all the back biting etc. I look forward to my kids being able to take themselves to school because i absolutely hate it......:sad:
  2. Oi, I had forgotten about that. Cub Scouts was the worst for me with weird parents. It's like some people choose to be difficult!!
  3. I am a Grade One teacher, I have had a great summer and spent way toooo much money.:woohoo:Howver, summer is drawing to a close and it is time to return. I love teaching, I love the kids but I don't like being so busy. I miss the liesure of the summer. But.....I have to work to pay the bills and support this habit. My children are all grown and what would I do at home all day without income? So I take a deep breath and here I go back to work........ I figure I Have spent approx. 3 months salary this summer with many thanks to this site.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:But boy it was fun!!!!!!
  4. ^^^^

    yeah, Sarah,
    I'm sure it's a totally different thing from your perspective
    when kids go back to school !!!!
  5. I really don't want to go back to school. But not because of strange parents hanging around. It's my last year, and I'm supposed to make life-altering decisions before or upon graduation regarding what I'm going to do for $$$. Ugh, the workload is going to a bi+ch.
  6. ^ same with me! funny i'm from toronto, too. ;)
  7. I graduated in 2005, but a bunch of my friends are still in school. They want to make it last long as possible. Hearing about them going to buy their books and making their schedule has made me miss it. I sometimes wish I didnt rush through and graduate in 3 years. The first week of school was always my favorite.
  8. Ahh try not to worry about the odd parents ;), the great thing about being the grown up is that you choose who you want to chat to and who you wish to ignore lol! If there is back biting, just remove yourself from it, we are not in the playground anymore and dont have to listen to it!
  9. Hear! Hear! I'm fortunate to live in a town where everyone, parents and children, are pretty much very nice. However, my older son is starting the 5th grade this year and I don't know too many of the Middle School parents except for the ones that are going to the 5th with him. I'll just stick with who I know and feel my way around the others when I cross that bridge. Don't worry yourself over it.......you don't have to socialize with everyone.:yes: