Dreaded favorite crease


Apr 26, 2015
I have the same issue with the PM. I wonder what makes it crease midway through the front of the flap?
I was offered store credit but turned it down. They offered to exchange it but they don’t have any in stock and mentioned that it probably won’t be months until they receive it again. Hence I’m hanging on to mine.


Apr 14, 2009
So sorry about your bag. It happened to my mono favorite mm and is starting on my damier ebene one. Frustrating... I bought a Clapton crossbody to replace the favorite. It is similar in size and feel on the body but no chain. The Clapton seems to be a very well made bag and a classic style.
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Jan 7, 2014
I bought a Mono Favorite back in 2016 and the same thing happened to mine. I noticed it while I was at the airport, and I was mortified! I don’t know why they keep making this bag. I don’t think they’ve done anything structurally to fix the defect, so it seems like it’s going to continue to be a known problem for people. I really loved the bag but it stressed me out trying to keep that plate that says LOUIS VUITTON in perfect condition. They took it back and I got a Speedy 25. Thought this was a bag I always wanted, but realized the style in my area is overplayed and I quickly got sick of it. Sold my other DE Speedy 30 for the same reason and used the funds for a stunning YSL envelope bag. If I were you and wanted another crossbody, I would do an Alma BB. I have one in Amarante Vernis and it’s my little treasure box. I adore this bag!