Drawstring or Hobo?

  1. Oh Lordie that is a hard one. They are both staggeringly lovely bags. Either would be a great bag as they are a really good size and style. One question - are you going for black or brown?
    The hobo would be more of an all rounder in as much as it can be casual with jeans or smart with a dress etc.
    The drawstring hobo is perhaps more casual and would be less easy to use as a 'smart' bag.
    I love the look of the drawstring because it's a bit different but if I were being sensible I would probably go for the hobo because it could be dressed up or down. Hope that helps.
  2. I like the second one..I THINK either Jill or padparasha has the second one....I can't remember which pf'r bought what but I thought I remember seeing it here...Great taste....Good luck and post pics when you purchase!!!
  3. Dear Pursesuader...

    I think both are totally *HOT* and you can't go wrong with either. But yes, you do need to think ... "brown?" or "black?"

    I think the Napa Chevron Antic Drawstring Bag will have a slouchier softer feel than the Napa Gauffre Antic Hobo. I just bought a napa gauffre bag and it is very very soft.. but it is also still somewhat structured. I'm going to post some pix probably tonite or tomorrow to my thread and you can see.

    I think the drawstring is to die for!! the hobo is awesome too... I wish the drawstring came in brown, then that one would be next on my list!! :yes: They're both gorgeous and I don't think you'll be unhappy with either, but they need to match your lifestyle. Good luck! and please post pix when you finally decide to get one home!
  4. My choice would be the hobo. I find drawstrings a bother. This hobo has a magnetic closure and I find those very handy--easy in & out. I have a few bags-not Prada but other brands-with the covered magnet closure and it's the greatest idea, IMO.
  5. I like the hobo.
  6. i go for the hobo.
  7. Definitely the hobo. I like both, but hobo looks better to me.
  8. I love both! Jill has one and it looks HOT on her!

  9. Thanks everyone!
    I went to Barneys this week and tried on both. Still undecided?? :sos:
    Right now I'm drooling over Jills 3 new bags - LOL! :drool: