drawstring dustbag

  1. hi all... i am not all taht familiar with LV, thus, sorry for the stupid question.
    i am looking at a couple of auctions on ebay and a couple of them have this drawstring dustbag. when i recently got my speedy from the LV store, I got the envelope looking dustbag.
    does the drawstring dustbag really exist?
  2. Yes, they do exist. I have a few drawstring dustbags...ranging from wapity sized ones to keepall sized :smile:
  3. so, is there like a guidance on which bags have the drawstring and which ones dont?
  4. A lot of my larger LV bags come in a dustbag with drawstrings.:yes:
  5. My bracelet came in a burgundy velvety dustbag, and I have a drawstring beige dustbag for my petit noe :smile: I don't really care for the newest dustbags which are kind of linen-y though.
  6. You got a dustbag with your Keepall??? My SA said they don't come with one!
  7. I don't think there's a guidance.It just depend on the size of the purse you bought and the SA will give you a suitable sized dustbag for it. But I usually ask for the bigger ones cos they tend to give me ones which are tight fitted if I don't ask.:sad: :biggrin:
  8. All I know is, every time my SA brings out the bag from the back, it's already in the dustbag and has a tag attached to it that corresponds to what bag is inside. That tag is removed when you purchase the bag otherwise the bag goes into the corresponding dustbag and back in storage. I've never heard of SAs giving dustbags on demand (for example, your speedy came in the envelop dustbag and you want to get the one with drawstrings).:shocked:
  9. When I bought my Damier speedy 25, I requested a larger dustbag and my SA gave me the drawstring one right away.
  10. My damier speedy already WAS in a drawstring bag when my SA took it out of the drawer.:blink:
  11. Yes, I got one in Paris when I bought my Besace Mary Kate - then when I bought my Speedy (also in Paris) I got one of those envelope bags which I absolutely do not like - they never fit and do not provide enough protection IMO.
  12. is anyone's drawstring falling apart at the top near the string? the stitching seem to be coming apart and i'm afraid it's going to unravel all the way! :sad:
  13. When she showed me the damier speedy, it wasn't in a dustbag. There was one folded up inside it, but I automatically assumed it was an envelope dustbag and asked if I could exchange it for a drawstring one and she said sure. I don't know if it was already a drawstring bag and she just didn't correct me.
  14. Yup :yes: :yes:
  15. yeah yeah yeah, drawstring bags are great. come to CLUB BAGNSHOO where there are no strings attached!