Drawstring Dandy!

  1. Just wanted to share pics of my new MJ drawstring hobo I got from the Nordstrom sale. It's even prettier than I had hoped!!! I had never seen this bag IRL so I wasn't sure I would completely love it. But thankfully I do!!! And it's a good thing because Nordies actually messed up and is sending me two by mistake. The other should arrive tomorrow. I was not happy to have 2 charges on my account but thankfully I talked with a very nice customer service rep who is going to help me out with the return. He also gave me a credit for shipping to cover sending the 2nd one back.

    Anyway, here she is. :love::love: The color is Oatmeal. It's very different from the Oatmeal of EMMY's new multipocket. This is the Oatmeal from the Quilted Line.



    drawstring1.JPG drawstring2.JPG drawstring3.JPG
  2. cheryl, congrats!!! i just saw this at Saks and had a really, really hard time resisting her. she is the perfect color, shape and size in my opinion.

    but i had to hold out and be strong in my search for the trish. i'm so glad someone else is enjoying this bag though!
  3. Thanks so much! Bag.lover can attest that I've wanted this bag since the Resort '06 collection was introduced. I just had to be patient and wait for it go on sale. :yes:

    I can't wait to congratulate you soon on your new Trish!! You've been a pillar of patience waiting on that baby!
  4. :yahoo:Congrats luvpurses!!! that bag is really pretty!!

    i wanna see a modeling pic!! :yes:
  5. I saw this bag today at Bloomies and thought of you. She's gorgeous!! Definitely a keeper.
  6. Congrats it is beautiful!!!
  7. Very nice! - I like how it is luxurious, but a little lighter with the linen inside - Perfect for year around.
  8. Congrats Cheryl on your new bag, I'm glad that you finally found a drawstring bag that you love. I really like the soft leather of this line. Enjoy. =)
  9. Cheryl it's gorgeous!!!! Love that color..You're right..that shade is dif from my mp I just got....So glad to see this....Stunning bag..Enjoy her & congrats!!
  10. ^^Thanks ladies for all the sweet compliments!:love:
  11. Gorgeous purse! I like the thick shoulder strap. A great year round color too! Congrats!
  12. I love your bag! That color is the perfect neutral! Congrats!!
  13. C1976 - The thick shoulder strap makes it really comfortable! :yes:

    Thanks again Melly and C1976 for the nice compliments!
  14. Cheryl! That bag is TDF!!!!!