Drawstring Bucket Bags

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  1. I am looking for a modern play on the old school drawstring bucket bag, not unlike this Rebecca Minkoff below. Anyone seen anything like this out there? Thanks in advance!


  2. I think Oroton has something similar in their most recent collection:


    They're an Australian brand though, I'm not sure if they ship internationally or not...
  3. I think Cole Haan has a few...colehaan.com
  4. Hayden Harnett Salina Pouch is kind of similar but the drawstrings are on the side.
  5. I have this, LV Epi leather, it also comes in Mono..

  6. Belen Echandia Love Me
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  8. I love the drawstring thing as well. I have this bag in cream and red. You cant tell just how nice it is by the picture, but it beautiful and durable. This bag is by ILI World. take a look at this link.
  9. I really don't like drawstring bags but the BE is really cute!