drawstring bags

  1. does anyone else find themselves drawn to drawstring bags? i've always loved the shape and look of them...was wondering if anyone else felt the same...what drawstrings do you own?! i have the hh salina and am waiting on the kooba cassandra...would love to hear what everyone else has!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. I received my HH Salina in Amethyst just yesterday. I also have a HH Nomade Drawstring but have yet to use it. Love the look of drawstring bags but they do required more time to get in and out and to keep it looking just right most of the time. The leather on the Salina is so supple that it makes it easier while the Nomade leather looks as if it will be a challenge because it is quite a bit stiffer. And it's sure not going to get any better unless I use it. That should be an incentive, right? That and the fact that it is a really nice bag!
  3. my salina is amethyst as well! let me know how it goes with the nomade! enjoy!
  4. I have a suede/leather olive Furla that I love. It is actually richer and darker than the stock photo.
  5. There's a lot of nice drawstring bags but I'm just not that into them because I'm too paranoid about stuff falling out. I need to have a zipper or at least a magnetic closure.

    I LOVE the Furla Carmen bag, the only thing that pushed me away was that it was drawstring...and it looks too much like my Yolande. lol
  6. I love drawstring bags -- I think they look so French. I have a LV blue Epi Petit Noe. It looks great with more casual clothes, I think.
  7. I like drawstring bags too, the only drawstring I have now is a Juicy Couture daydreamer tote, I'd love to get my eyes on a Dior cannage drawstring tote, it's lovely! :drool:
  8. I am drawn to them, but the reason I haven't bought one yet is that there's no quick way to access your cellphone if you have to undo the string all the time !!!!
  9. love drawstrings too! Got a LV red petit epi!
  10. I would never buy a drawstring bag. I like little drawstring cinch details on the sides of bags, etc, but not as the main closure. Just too fussy!
  11. Mono mini petit noe or MC petit noe
  12. my only drawstring bag for now is an lv petit noe, but i'm in love with the drawstring dior cannage which i haven't decided to prchase yet because the size is too small for me.
  13. This is gorgeous :drool: