Drawn On Eyebrows ?

  1. Hmmm...what color is that??
    Don't like it..
  2. Oooh scary! I never liked that look either, especially when it's blue! I wish I was lying about seeing that!:amazed:
  3. ahh its tacky looking it doesnt look real! I have not seen one person that looks normal with drawn on eyebrows!
  4. Not unless you have a disease, like cancer, that makes you lose your natural brows--I don't get healthy people that do this at all--it looks ridiculous:sick:
  5. :blink: Um, I vote no!
  6. LoL!!! i just don't understand the point in shaving your eyebrows then drawing 'em in. wtf?! hahahahaha.
  7. I have a friend who practically has no eyebrows (they are so light you can hardly see them). She was made fun of a lot while growing up, so she starting drawing on them. I personally have never done this and most likely will not, but I think my friend looks good :amuse:
  8. My goodness.
  9. Why???
  10. Ouch that one is especially hideous. Ronald McDonald found his eyebrow color.

    Having said that, I used to shave off my eyebrows for the purposes of drawing them back. Honestly, since my hair is so pale I would call it colorless, it was easier to draw them on than to flitter with powder that never stuck.
  11. Well.... for people who don't have much hair growing in there, I think it's OK to draw them in.... It doesn't have to look as unnatural as it did in that picture... Me, I have plenty-o-hair in the brow region....
  12. use a sharpie!
  13. Oh ewwww that's bad!!! :yucky:

    My mom's eyebrows really thinned out and never really grew back so she had some cosmetic surgery thing and they are permanently drawn on or something... not all of them, just were they were missing, and it looks AMAZING! Seriously, unless you know about it, you can't tell they're "fake" lolll :P
  14. this trend seems to be big among some asian girls i know. they get obsessed with plucking their brows and pretty soon they are all gone so they draw them in. they seem to really covet the high arch b/c they all have that "eternally surprised" look. hahaa! hilarious