Drawer Dishwasher..anyone have one?

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  1. OK, my kids ruined my dishwasher, so I need a new one.

    I was looking at the kind that has 2 pull out drawers. Does anyone own one of these?

    What are the advantages of it?

  2. How'd the kiddos ruin it if you don't mind me asking? :smile:

    BTW I have what you describe but not sure it is what you are looking for.
  3. "Drawer Dishwasher..anyone have one?"

    I wish!!!

    Most of my dishes are glasses, mugs, and small bowls. All of which fit in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

    I would love to be able to wash the above items more frequently and use the big dishwasher for two layers of big items like cooking pots & pans and dinner plates.
  4. nevermind.. it's late :shame:

    not sure about the ones with two drawers, but i :heart: the ones with a separate cutlery drawer at the very top instead of the stupid basket at the bottom that my current one has. miele have great dishwashers (well everything miele is great!).
  5. I looked at that with my mom when she was replacing hers last year... it seemed to be great if you didn't wash a lot of larger dishes or if you didn't use a lot of dishes since you could run a small load... which probably isn't the case if you have young kids! Probably filling a huge one up every day! When we looked it was really something the SA emphasised was great for a singler person or a couple who just didn't have the need for a larger traditional sized one. I thought they were cool though! But my mom went with the traditional set up instead of the drawers.
  6. They even make one that can wash your Waterford* in! If I had the money, I would buy a Miele- in stainless steel or integrated.

    (*Made especially for washing crystal stemware on the top rack)

    Drawer dishwashers are great if you want to wash delicate things, but not for washing big pots and pans- like others have said. Fisher Paykel (I think I spelled that right) have nice drawer dishwashers for a decent price.

    If you are looking for something on the cheaper end, sturdy and energy efficient look at GE, Maytag and Kitchen Aid (optional integrated panel to match cabinetry).
  7. I'm going to have to 2nd (or 3rd...4th???) the Miele rec.
  8. I saw these in the store and loved them. I really hope to get one when I replace my kitchen appliances. There are many times where I don't have a full load but I hate to have dishes sit overnight waiting to fill it up. It is worth looking in to.
  9. My mom bought a 2-drawer one and LOVES it! I believe it is made by Fisher-Paykel. It's great to be able to wash a small load which is what she has most of the time and will also do very large loads when needed... it's also very quiet! Can't even tell it's running.
  10. i've sold appliances for about two years now, so maybe i can be of some help.

    the two companies that make these units (most commonly - there are other smaller brands that can be found at specialty stores) are KitchenAid and Fischer-Piykel (sp? my store doesn't carry the brand. it's most commonly found at Lowes). we have a display of the KitchenAid unit in my store, and people seem to like it.

    the main advantage is that you have two independent dishwashers in the space that you normally have one. for instance, if you were entertaining at your house, you could start a load of glasses on the top washer, and when you started to run out again, start the bottom washer. in a traditional dishwasher, you can run a top-rack cycle, but you'd still have to wait until it was done to start another one, if that makes sense. you can, essentially, run the top 'rack' and bottom 'rack' on different schedules, if you choose.

    also, it's more energy efficient to not run an entire cycle just for a few things. you can run a half cycle in the regular dishwasher, but because of the open space, you're STILL going to waste water that way. the two dishwashers are independent, so you use exactly half if you only run one of the drawers - there's no waste.

    the drawers are pretty deep, so while it may occassionally be difficult to do something very large, there shouldn't be very much decreased functionality. also, i find that in the drawer models, the racks are often a lot easier to manipulate into different configurations, which gives you more flexibility.

    i'd recommend the kitchenaid model, just because i have more experience with it. the double drawer kitchenaid and double drawer fischer piykel both come out to $1500 in stainless steel when all is said done (for the kitchenaid, the dishwasher itself is $1300 and then you pay $200 for the exterior panel kit for the color you want, the FP is just $1500 as a unit).

    if you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me or ask here :smile:
  11. sometimes i put riedel glasses in my parents' one :whistle: well only when they aren't looking :shame:
  12. they were running around the kitchen island, and one of them fell on the open door...it went to the ground. it came with our house, so i'm not really invested in fixing it..i'd rather buy a new one.

    when i yell at them for playing in the kitchen...i sound so much like my mom!
  13. hmm, i'll have to look at them...i do alot of dishes, maybe not worth the extra money
  14. WOW AMANDA!!!

    I hit the jackpot with your brand knowledge, I'll go check out the Kitchenaid today. I'm not familiar with the other brand...so I'll ask to see one.

    Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful response!

    It would be nice to just run a load of glasses, not have to do the whole thing.

    I also like the idea of the glasses being separate from the dishes, not so messy.

    But they are about $500 more than the others...decisions!

    Thanks so much!! I may bother you with more questions, I'll try to keep them concise.
  15. Thank you guys for the Miele recommendations, that name makes me a little nervous...I saw their prices for vacuum cleaners last year....I couldnt spend that much.

    I'll add Miele to my list of ones to check out. I'll just have to take a deep breath before seeing the price!