Drats! Scratches on my hardly used Chanel bag - Suggestions?

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  1. My soft leather Chanel bag has barely seen the light of day…
    Seem the only few times I’ve taken her out she ends up with marks and scratches….darn!:hysteric: :hysteric:
    I’m super careful...like weird careful :wacko: and still it just seems to get scratched so easily.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  2. I think u should enjoy it and don't worry about the scratches cause u cant do anything to avoid them!!
  3. You're so right -- thanks.
    Guess I needed to hear that so I could lighten up and enjoy:yes:
  4. I agree...I do understand your frustration though!
  5. Ive come to the unattractive conclusion -- I'm anal....:nuts:
    I feel a bit guilty spending close to 2K for a bag, so I guess I want it to look as new as possible for the longest time.
  6. Lisa, i have a Chanel with the soft leather and have since switched to caviar for that reason, and also i am hard on my bags (but they still like me lol) here's what you can do to get rid of/lessen scratches:
    the moment you see a scratch, take the pads of a couple of fingers and rub it as if you're trying to rub it out ............................a Chanel SA told me that years ago..it makes scratch much less apparent

    good luck
  7. I have a very soft lambskin bag from Chanel too (on the right in pic below). It also scratches very easily, but I find that the scratches disappear if I just rub them lightly with my fingertip.

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  8. I beat the heck outta my bags, bags are for using!!! I figure hey when I wear them out I will have them refurbished.
  9. Thanks for the tips ladies!

    I just rubbed the bag with my fingertip and it helped.
    I appreciate the info.:yes: :yes:
  10. Sometimes I buy a bag and don't even use it for the first year or so. I'm saving it. Talk about anal! :nuts: After a year, I don't think of the bag as being 'new' so I take it out, wear it and don't care as much about the scratches.
    You're right. Lately, I've been thinking that when my bag is worn out, instead of refurbishing, I will just buy a new bag. 'Worn out' means we got our money's worth, doesn't it?