Drats! My Plot Has Been Foiled!

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  1. Just checked with my SA and there are no Oran sandals available in my size anywhere :sad: If I go down a size (which might be a pinch but is actually the size I wear in Ferragamo), they only have white and "beige", whatever tone that is, when I was really hoping for black or a barenia-ish brown.


    They do have a little SLG that I've been eyeing, one that I'll be able to pick up this weekend :devil: Hopefully the Orans will become available in my size (and desired color) as we get closer to summer........
  2. Rats! I hear H shoes are true to size so I wouldn´t risk buying smaller ones. They will pop up some day!
  3. ValleyO, what size are you? I saw some at my local H.
  4. ^men's 11/44 :yes: The beige sounds interesting but I know it'd just look awful with my skintone.