Drat! No "Box" next season!

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  1. I just called BalNY because I was thinking about pre-ordering a bleu glacier Box. They said the Box won't be made in the new colors. I really like the Box.:crybaby:
  2. I know. I want to get one before they all sell out. By any chance do you know what colors Bal NY have available now in the box style?
  3. As box lovers, do you think that I can sell an ink box without the detachable strap?
  4. I don't see why not...just lower the price accordingly. What happened to the strap?
  5. I actually bought the ink box for the longer detachable strap to wear it with my first (since the first has such a short strap!)-I like to wear the first messenger style!
  6. Oh okay, good luck!
  7. I actually think that the box looks better carried without the strap-it hangs a little off by the long strap. It looks perfect carried with the handles!
  8. cilla -- I didn't ask about current box colors. I'm sure they'd tell you if you give them a call.

    sskona -- Rather than selling the box with no strap, why don't you sell it with your first strap (with disclosure, of course).
  9. Thanks Rondafaye...I think I will call them!
  10. Aah, that's a good idea! I may do that. If I can get myself to letting it go:shame:
  11. Never mind, sskona. I decided that might be a bad idea, because if you later sell your first you might want to have the correct strap.
  12. True, I think if I sell the ink box, it will be with no strap-I want to keep both of them so I can interchange them on my ink first!:love:
  13. I knew they were discontinuing the purse style, but for some reason I thought the box had received a reprieve.
  14. Well, that's good for me since I will need to get ride of my Box to get another bag I want! Supply and demand!
  15. I think people would still buy it but only if it was priced real low...

    I know what you mean about the long straps though. That's why I love the older classiques with long straps so much.