Drat! Bought a fake! Help!

  1. OK. I admit that I was hasty and overanxious. I did a BIN on a crazy-low-priced B-Bag and then realized it's a fake. (Atelier Naf says 3555 is always fake). I can't retract the bid because it's a BIN. I e-mailed the seller to say I would not complete the transaction because it's a fake. What else should I do?

    atelier.naff: The art of the tag: reading the inside of a Balenciaga bag

    eBay: Balenciaga Bag (item 320041135418 end time Oct-23-06 11:49:07 PDT)
  2. happened to me before too... only the seller used someone else's photos. I had a feeling so I emailed the seller and asked if the bag in the photo was the EXACT bag I would be receiving. They replied no it's this one <insert pic of fake bag here> and I was like no.... not gonna happen. and I chastisized them for misrepresenting the item. the seller just dropped it.

    anyhow, if the seller gives you flack about it- just let them know that selling counterfeit merchandise is not allowed by eBay anyhow... I'm sure it will be fine! ;)
  3. yikes, whatever you do, don't pay for the bag!!!...even if they threaten you with negative feedback, don't do it...hopefully some of the other gals can offer more advice...fake bag sellers make me wanna :hysteric:
  4. yes DON'T BUY IT!!!..... You can always explain about the negative feedback. I saw this bag earlier as well and I was tempting but I thought bag was too shiny... best of luck :heart: :heart:
  5. I bet once you told the seller its a fake bag she/he will back off. I am so surprised you bid on that bag! You know better than that! Hugs!
  6. Definitely don't pay for it....i don't think there's the slightest chance you would have got a used Balenciaga for that price anyway, tbh.

    Not even one fit for the bin would go that cheap...and nowhere in the auction does the seller state that it's legitimate, which is most definitely not allowed on Ebay.

    As you've already messaged the seller, all you can do now is wait for their response and go from there. If they leave you negative in the meantime for non-payment, you can leave some appropriate feedback for them, too;)

    Good luck:flowers:
  7. The price was a dead giveaway. Absolutely, do not pay. Goodluck!
  8. I know, I know! I do know better. I think I was just hopeful after the authentic day that went yesterday for $200! And the seller's feedback was perfect, and she wasn't a multiple bag seller. (hangs head in shame)

    I sent her an e-mail stating that I do not buy fake bags, and I also reported this to e-bay's safe harbor. I will take a neg (and give a blistering one in return) before I pay for this.
  9. I feel your pain Rondafaye. We've all bought fakes and regretted our haste and unreasonable optimism :sad:, so you're not alone.
    Stick to your guns, even at the expense of getting a neg.
  10. Yes, alot of us have done it! (me - for some dumb thing for WAY more than that) - I didn't pay for it either - (dude said absolutely NOT to) - I wore/wear the neg proudly.

    In fact, this seller of high end fakes - had to make her feedback private - which effectively ended their scam.

    Yay me:amuse:
  11. I read the description of the entire listing, and I do not see anywhere that the seller claims that the bag is not authentic. Therefore, you cannot argue that it is Not-as-described item. This is a tricky one!

    Nevertheless, do not pay if you do not want the bag. Try to work it out with the seller to minimize the pain. Remember, she has to pay eBay insertion fees and final value fees.
  12. Sorry, Christiflora, I have to disagree with you on that one. Since selling fakes is in violation of EBay rules, she is the one totally in the wrong.
  13. Not true. She called it a Balenciaga bag. That's a misrepresentation.
  14. A long while ago, I once bid on a fake purse and then immed. realized it was a fake..I did the same thing as you and emailed the person. I asked if it was real since it didn't look real because of so and so...that I was so excited when I first saw the listing that I made a bid, but I wasn't going to buy a fake one. I didn't get a negative or any trouble...
  15. Christiflora has a point that you cannot a file a claim based on "item not as described", but you are right right Rhonda, you CAN report it as a fake. Just two different methods of reporting :P

    Thank God you haven't paid a single cent yet! I'd rather have the neg than lose money over $%^& fakers. :cursing: