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  1. Hi all! I would like to buy a pair of drapanovas and was wondering how comfortable they are? I have a high arch and am not sure how these shoes would work. So if any of you own a pair, maybe you could share their fit/comfort level? Thanks!
  2. I think I may have tried them once and they were fairly comfortable. I hope someone who has them can chime in. Fit-wise they have a Decollete toe, so you may need to go up a full size from your US shoes.
  3. I don't know what I was thinking. These are not like the Decollete! They are more of a VP shape. I think you should be fine comfort-wise.
  4. I have a Drapanova sling back that I bought off the 'bay(they were advertised as a runway shoe and do have the hash marks on the bottom)......I find them very comfy.
  5. Thanks ladies!! I really appreciate your input! I think I am going to go ahead and get them! I can't believe I just said that!! :nuts:
  6. Good luck!
  7. yay! i think they are a stunning shoe
  8. Thanks ladies! I have my fingers and toes crossed!
  9. I got 'em!! Now the waiting begins for it to arrive! :whistle:
  10. congrats! i can't wait for a reveal with pictures!
  11. Thanks flashy! I will put up some pics soon as I get them!
  12. Here they are!! I love them! I will have some more pics soon!

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  13. congrats, they are gorgeous!!!
  14. They are beautiful, Aniski!
  15. Thank you allbrands and jet!! They are amazing!! :love: