Drama on my way to work this morning...


Jan 8, 2006
well i guess you can never be too safe right???

As i normally walk to work every morning - my only fear is getting knocked down by a car! :weird: but this morning i left a little early as i had a meeting at 830am... as i wander to work along the same route i always take... along the busy road, over the train tracks, pass the prison etc... i noticed a man - we'll call him HOBO. I thought to myself as i was listening to Yellowcard - i better watch out for him he might ask me for some change or a cig (which i dont have anymore!)... as i walked along i got to the zebra and crossed with no worries and waitied for the green man to flash me across... i continued to walk down the side street to the allyway which connects to the back of my work... i got pinched on the bum by the HOBO! i didnt even realise that he got behind me - i could feel anyone behind me or smell anything behind me i was in my own little ipod listening world!!!!!

I screamed as i got a fright and he just took off! Of course no one was around!!! I ran the rest of the way to work and searching in the b-bag for the access card to let me into the building and i burst into tears! :cry:

No one had arrived at work yet and i was just totally mental and crying! I just got such a shock and was starting to feel like crap!

When everyone got to work they were really supportive and my manager was like, "we're going to the cop shop to report this - you're lucky nothing else happened etc..."
When we got to the cop shop the police lady was really nice and was like, "did this just happen on Broadway?" (Broadway is a main shopping strip in Auckland) and i was like, "No" and she explained that it happened to someone last week on Broadway. So now they have a profile of this bottom pincher... so the cops on the beat can look for someone now... and get him before he goes to the next level.

I just wanted to share my friday story with you guys - not to get sympathy but just to let you know - never walk by yourself with your ipod on! i mean i've been walking that same route for nearly 2 years and this happened! AHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Just be safe out there - i know the world is filled with way more evil and bad stuff other than bum pinching but i just want you guys to be safe!!!!!

have a great weekend and i'll see you all on Monday (which is your sunday)



Shallow when needed!
Jan 16, 2006
Terrible! This is one of the reasons I stopped taking the bus... two men were constantly leaning on purpose on me... you know... so that you can feel the bulge... :sick: I took always the same bus to get to school/work and I met always with these two guys that were harrassing me. I really really <<<<hug>>>> you. I think it's not a big deal for somebody but if you had a similar experience you know how unpleasant it can be!


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Oct 29, 2005
Aww... are you ok Helen??!! That is so scary. Always be aware of your surroundings especially when you're alone. I hope you're feeling better and that the cops will bust that pervert soon!


Mar 20, 2006
That's awful!!! Hope you are doing better now...
This just reafirms my idea that walking (anywhere) and listening to the Ipod is not a good idea for a woman... I thought I was being paranoid but you can never be too careful!!!
I guess I'll stick to the music on the train and the way to work (where hundreds of people are also listening to ipods!!).


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Mar 1, 2006
I think a bottle of pepper spray may make you feel safer. If you know anyone in law enforcement ask them, they usually know where the best stuff is available for purchase. I have heard of a new chemical they have out Nsomething. It is supposed to be a little stronger.
I got pinched before, many years ago and it totally freaked me out. It is an invasion of personal space and it's just creepy. If you can, try to find a different way to get to the building. I have worked in bad neighborhoods before, trust me, the more careful, the better. I am finally getting out of the bad neighborhood in three weeks, I count the days til I start my new job.
Hugs, my heart goes out to you.


Mar 20, 2006
fendigal said:
I think a bottle of pepper spray may make you feel safer. If you know anyone in law enforcement ask them, they usually know where the best stuff is available for purchase.

*sigh* in the NL that's forbidden... so I always carry a deodorant (and sometimes my spray parfum)... won't be so strong but at least will do the trick for a couple of seconds!!!