Drama at 2am!!

  1. At 2am I heard laods of LOUD constant bangings, I was thinking they were fireworks, so I didn't take much notice, then I hear a bang IN my house, me being the baby I am.. I get scared & wake my dad.. turns out it was my mum opening to window to hear the bangs outside.

    Anyway they don't sound like fireworks, so we go to investigate.. it sounds like it coming from the garage (where my adorable bunny, Honey lives) so.. me being the idiot I am bolts out the front door (at 2am, in my underwear, with no shoes.. in the pouring rain.)

    I'd asked my mum to feed Honey tonight cuz I'd just showered & it was raining, our doors automatic & sometimes doesn't close proper & opens back up. Anyway, Honey was stamping like a trouper looking TERRIFIED. So I'm there in my underwear in the middle of the night trying to calm her down, everytime I shut the door she'd stamp but I eventually got her calm & closed the garage door & went inside.

    5 minutes later she stamps again.. so out I go.. through the back door, stillin my underwear but this time I added slippers, haha. This sounds STUPID but I'm TERRIFIED of my back garden in daylight, it's full of spiders etc, gross. & I'm out here.. ALONE in pitch black with a torch?! It takes me about 5minutes to unlock the old back door so I'm DRENCHED :/ I bring the rabbit in, crawl EVERYWHERE in the garage to check for cats etc that might be scaring her, nothing. So I take her back out. Turns out my mum had got dressed & turned the garage lights off and clsoed her hutch up, so there I am in the dark, rabbit in one hand trying to feel my way into the garage.. I was TERRIFIED LOL.

    3am.. she starts stamping again.. it's not like her to stamp at all, so out I go.. I get myself LOCKED OUT of the garage, in the pouring rain :sad:.. so I'm poking around with my torch trying to get back into the garge and the HUGEST spider ever comes to join me aghhh I could of cried (I say huge but.. it's nothing compared to american size spiders.. but huge for over here in the UK!!)

    I finally get in the garage after 10minutes of being stuck in the rain.. AND SHE SHUTS UP & BEGS FOR TREATS LIKE NOTHING IS WRONG :confused1:

    I was not impressed at all, I'm now freezing & soaked to the bone :sad:, still trying to listen for her stamping though, but she seems to of calmed down thank god, I was so worried about her, she's like my child!

    What a night! :push:

    (Not sure if this might belong in the Animal forum, feel free to movie it mods! x)
  2. lol...what a night
  3. ugh...I hope you get some real sleep tonight!
  4. Wow... I hope it's more peaceful tonight! Poor Honey! Maybe the rain scared her?
  5. ^LOL!:smile:
    I agree, perhaps the rain scared her!
  6. Maybe! My dad thinks maybe a cat got in the garage while it was open, but even next doors dog doesn't scare her as much as that :/ LOL silly bunny

    Finally got to bed at 4am!
  7. In the pet world, there was a legitimate emergency: she wanted treats!!! :p
  8. Awww, you had an eventful night! Poor bunny!
  9. My cats freak out when there's thunder and lightning.

    You touch them when they're not looking and they jump ten feet.
  10. Ugh . . . I remember one lightning storm where my cat Lucky would run out of my room when it started thundering. I had to go after him, pick him up, comfort him and bring him back into my room. That happened about two more times before I gave up and let him hide.
  11. maybe it was a spider!!:roflmfao:
  12. Awww! So sweet of you to go thru all that trouble just to keep her calm. I do hope you get some rest tonight.