Dragons in the USA (Beggars Pouch Leather Part II); This is What It's All About

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  1. #1 May 29, 2016
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    Yesterday, my husband and I drove all the way up to the White Mountains to buy a purse from my favorite leather shop, Beggars Pouch Leather, located right in the heart of North Conway, NH. I have been a loyal customer for a few years now and it was great seeing the owner, Mike, his wife Renee, and dedicated employee Donna again after a long winter.

    Mike makes all the bags in his shop by hand (check out the workspace, which is about to get much larger with a new "Beggars Pouch Annex," a gorgeous addition that will be located behind the center shop and opened up this summer!), and his products are fantastic -- beautiful, buttery smooth leather, gorgeous colors, incredible quality purses, wallets, and belts that last FOREVER!

    I saw this purse on his facebook page and -- being a major fan of purses, dragons, and Celtic artwork -- HAD TO HAVE IT.

    Mike's awesome because he knows I'm a leather fanatic and he described how he made this: "I shape the leather by wet forming it over a wooden form and allowing it to dry to shape. The Celtic dragon design was hand carved into the front flap." He answers my endless questions with patience and his shop has become a necessary stop whenever we visit the White Mountains.

    Check out his stuff at http://www.beggarspouchleather.com/ or on his fb page (Beggars Pouch Leather). They ship anywhere (even internationally!!) and remind me that the best handbags are not necessarily made by high-end labels, but by honest, kind, local artisans who are passionate about their work and about forming friendships with clientele (old and new alike). :hbeat::love:

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  2. The leather looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!
  3. Thank you so much, leechiyong. :flowers: The leather is excellent and only gets softer and better with time. I love knowing it's truly a one of a kind bag!
  4. Beautiful bag!!
  5. The leather does look nice! Thank you for sharing. I like hearing about smaller, quality handbag makers!
  6. ah, a wonderful leather maker. Something that tends to be lost on all the designer brands lol.

    Lovely bag! i can see that lasting ages.
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  8. Awesome.