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  1. So I am so happy that my Anna Sui Dragonfly bag has arrived and then the disappointment and disgust kick in.....

    First off, it is wrapped in 1 sheet of tissue paper and tossed in the shipping box. REALLY!!!!!

    and then for the utmost insult



    I have ordered another and am having it shipped to the store. I would think that between the shipping and the damage Coach should do something to make me a happy customer again - We will see I guess
  2. Is that a hole in it? I'm sorry you're having bad luck with the dragonfly :sad:
  3. wow! so sorry about your bag & total lack of care on coach's part. hopefully they make things right.
  4. Weird! Needle slipped during stitching?? It's defective!
  5. Sorry about your bag and your bad experience from Coach. Hopefully they will make it right with you.
  6. Clearly no quality control - oh and there are only 28 left. What would they have done if there were none left. This just makes me madder and madder the more I think about it
  7. Clearly NO QUALITY CONTROL left.
  8. ^^^This
  9. Sorry about your bag, hope the new one is perfect. Can't believe the way ups is delivering boxes all banged up. Something should be done.
  10. I'm so sorry. I hope the replacement arrives in better condition both inside and outside of box!!!
  11. Sorry you received a defective bag and a I'm glad they are sending you a new one. I hope you asked for it to be gift wrapped this time.
  12. Cutting costs on cheaply executed goods.... that's a shame.
  13. I am going to the store to pick it up and return this piece of garbage.
  14. That is not as bad as my last purchase. There was an actual hole like a quarter of an inch away from the stitch hole, as if the sewing machine got loose and the needle make a hole in the wrong spot. I ended up returning because my store did not have a replacement in stock and I did not want to have them ship to me. I like to buy in store so I can see what I'm buying. Good luck.
  15. absolutely ridiculous...I am so sorry this happened to you and hope you get some sort of positive response back!

    to know you are so not alone....I just received my 3rd package in a week from jax and this one was horrible....jewelry looking like it was thrown in the boxes, not inside jewelry pouches and a large scarf/ wrap squished into the same size gift box as the jewelry!! clearly, zero QC consistency because my three pieces of jewelry from last week all arrived in jewelry pouches, beautifully gift wrapped.....really frustrating!!!