Dragon Line Collection.

  1. Does anyone of you own one from this line? I regret for not buying one. :love: :love:
  2. do you have a pic?
  3. Here's the pics.
    00040f.jpg 00060f.jpg 00080f.jpg 00110f.jpg 00190f.jpg
  4. I love the one in the 1st & 3rd pic.
  5. I remember seeing a woman shopping once with the first bag- I was staring and sneaking peeks the whole time! I wonder if she noticed lol.

    I hope to get one of those bags in the future from a re-seller. As much as I like Gucci, I was sad when Tom left. Besides 1 0r 2 bags, I haven't really been lusting after any of the newer designs. :sad:
  6. Wow, it's hot!
  7. they show up on bluefly a lot, the pink one
  8. Gorgeous
  9. thanks rochasgirl!

    I loved the color ones, very vibrant, absolutely beautiful! :smile:
  10. they are a piece of art!
  11. Ooh! I really like the green one :]
  12. Love it! Did they just come as small bags like those?
  13. That are truly beautiful bags! I miss Tom Ford too! He is the best designer - I just love him!
  14. Aww....the LAST if the Tom ford legacy...Frida's OK but she aint no Tom Ford...