Drag bag anyone?

  1. There is a rouge vif ostrich drag bag in my local Hermes store and I can't seem to get it out of my mind. I was wondering if any of you ladies have a drag bag and if you get to use it often compared to your other H bags? Considering that the birkin or garden party is more user friendly on a daily basis, I can't figure out if I should consider getting the bag or just forget about it??!! Would love to hear your comments.....
  2. I recently saw a pic of a drag bag on eBay. i thought it was lovely., and rouge vif ostrich!!!
    sounds gorgeous:heart:
  3. I would :heart::heart: to own a one in Box w/PH one day!! I think it's a GORGEOUS and very classy Hermes piece!!:yahoo::love:
  4. Classy looking bag, but I've never played with one. Why not pm hermeslady here on tpf. She might be able to help you with any info.
  5. I love the Drag, very classy. I´ve always wondered about the opening, very stiff?
  6. I have a blue roi small drag bag in n. croc with palladium hardware and think it is so utterly classic. Mine is not used very often, but I am planning to a lot more this year. She is small and I prefer bigger bags. I can wear her on my shoulders and she hasn't been used much so the opening flap is still stiff and I worry of opening her too often as imagine the croc skin would bend from too much opening. I love the two closures as they are much easier to open than the Birkin and my epsom Kelly.

    How much is the ostrich drag priced at?

    I will try and post pics as I tried and the file is too large.
  7. Lovehermes has a gorgeous Black Box Drag- it is stunning! HOpefully she can chime in!
  8. That's a beautiful bag. :smile:
  9. I have a 27cm, vermillion chevre Drag and I think it is a great bag. It is on the avatar. Easy to open and get into and holds more than you would think. I would think that rouge vif ostrich would be smashing! What size is it?
  10. Oh thanks Jag...Yes...I need to post a picture of it.
  11. Thanks for all your comments, ladies. Its 27cm and it costs US$13000. I was also wondering about the size because I thought the 27cm might be a bit small and I was not sure it would hold a lot as I tend to prefer roomier bags. I had seen the 37cm and that is too big for me. I think there is a medium size but I don't see that bag too often in the stores so I am not sure how big the medium one is. Any pictures will be great!!
  12. I have one from my dad a couple years ago.. ! I have no idea it is a drag bag until a lady on this blog told me so.. I rarely use it cos I think my dad bought me one in box calf leather (not really sure abt the leather either) and it get scratched easily.. I will upload a pic of it ...
  13. Its a classy bag, but its strange that ive never seen on in my boutique.. hmm
  14. I don't have one, but I love this style. Very classic, understated Hermes.
  15. Here's a picture of my Drag Bag.
    It is Black Chamonix w/Palladium HW...32cm.