Dr. Who... fantastic geek obsession !

  1. I'm sorry if it seems like complete dork city but I ADORE the new Dr. Who Seris they started showing on Sci Fi . I am so glad they brought it back and I adore Christopher Eccelson , I think he's brilliant. I know there are some UK girls who might admit it, but any one else out there with love for the doctor? -or am I a lone geek:crybaby:

    ..... I got the DVD box set too...... I'm Hopeless
  2. I catch it on Scifi channel once in a while. Love that show!
  3. I actually like it too..BUT Stargate is still my #1 FAVE!!LMAO..Im a bigger geek,LOL!
  4. I think he's so cute! Total geek eye candy.
  5. Don't forget...New episodes of SG-1 and Atlantis start Friday. Love Doctor Who too. I'm going to pick up the box set this weekend.
  6. Love Stargate (although I miss O'Neil!) & Battle Star Galatica, but I hate hate hate hate Atlantis. The whiny guy drives me mad.

    I know it starts this Friday, I won't be able to get my boyfriend to take me out for weeks now on a Friday night!!
  7. Yeah, the whiny guy kind of bugs me too, but I still watch it. I think I enjoyed SG1 more when it was on Showtime instead of SciFi. But, they've got Ben Browder and now Claudia Black on, so I'll still be watching.
  8. I have actuly not caught to many episodes of SG, it looks cool , and it's neat to see Mcguiver ....I hope Scifi gets The next season of Doctor Who:tender:
  9. It did pretty well with ratings, and I know they're filming Season 3 in the UK, so hopefully we'll get it here in the U.S. SciFi is better at keeping shows around unlike the major networks (i.e., Firefly).
  10. I agree , like how FX got rid of "Starved " , and just started running more "married w/ Children " reruns ... I loved Starved :sad:
  11. I was in love with old Dr. who haven't seen the new one yet...
  12. I loved the old Dr. Who as well and was a skeptic about the new seris .... But I adore it :love:
  13. My boyfriend got me into Dr.Who just recently so I basically only know Christopher Eccleston and the current Dr.Who - David Tennant, who is just so adorable :love:. My boyfriend downloaded the current season after they aired in the UK, so I am all caught up and can't wait til Christmas when the next new episodes will air.
  14. I've figured it out! I love David Tennant, but it's the glasses that really do it for me. So. Much. Blush.

    Watch the Christmas special!