Dr Rey's Shapewear on HSN

  1. I only watch home shopping when something catches my eye or it is a great deal.

    Dr Rey from Dr 90210 is on now selling his version of spanx basically. My question is has anyone tried his things out? How is quality? Are there stores that sell this line? It seems like a great alt to plastic surgery to suck things in. He even makes a brazilian butt boy short.
  2. It's also available at Sears. I'm sure it's cheaply made (HSN and Sears? Not exactly a higher-end market) and he licensed out his name in an attempt to make a profit. I bet you'll be better off with Spanx.
  3. My bff has a pr and she swears by them. She hates spanx and she said that these did what spanx was supposed to do for her. YOu have to be careful about the sizing though
    Yes, they are sold at sears
  4. Thanks for the input. :smile: