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  1. I wanted to get a good, daily, functional tote. I saw the new Dr Q totes at Saks last week just wanted to get opinions from users or just fans alike.

    This is the one I want. It's thinner than the the ones from fall and the hardware is very shiny gold instead of just metal. There's also a black with gold hardware.

    What do you guys think? Worth the $400?


  2. the bag is nice and a good price, only thing i might ask is if it is too light for a "daily" bag. I don't know what you do but my everyday work bags usually get a little bit beat up.
  3. Actually the size is perfect for my daily use. I'm trying to get away from my big bag phase :smile: And the leather's thick so I think it can handle everyday use.

    Thing is I don't know if it's too boring or simple for that price....
  4. a bit too plain for $400 worth I think....
  5. I prefer the Dr. Q Satchel or Dr. Q Hobo styles...
  6. I have the fall dr. q. tote and love it, except that after owning several MbMJ bags, I'm used to having millions of pockets on my bags. The only pocket on the Dr. Q. tote is the one tiny interior pocket. That's the only shortcoming. But for everyday use I would be worried about a white bag.
  7. It's a bit too plain for my liking, and I would be having a hard time keeping such a light coloured bag looking good, so I would probably spend the $$$'s on something else...
  8. I really like it, although I would be afraid to get such a light colored bag for daily use.
    Hey, if you can keep it clean then I say go for it!
  9. I really like it. The leather is beautiful! :tup: