Dr. Q Patchwork Groovee

  1. Does anyone own this bag? I came across a mouse grey one on eluxury and I thinks it lovely. I really want to add a grey bag to my collection. I'm going to call my two local Bloomy's to see if they have it and view it in person.


  2. I've seen it at the MbyMJ store -- I don't know, I like the original Groovee w/o the patchwork much better. I actually own it in the Mouse Grey and everything about it is perfect. It seems to loose something with the Patchwork, but if you like it, I don't want to talk you out of it!!

    The Mouse Grey color is TDF and I'm pretty sure most places are sold out of the (original) Groovee in Mouse Grey, so if it's the color you like, then the Patchwork is probably you're best bet
  3. Thank you.
  4. ^^^ I agree. Without the pleating and original features, something is lost. The color is gorgeous but half the reason I fell in love with the original Dr. Q and ended up purchasing it was because of the plain leather- it just looks so rich and soft in person. In the patchwork it just looks a little too stiff, imo.
  5. I've seen the original Dr. Q Groovee in white and black online which I like, but I think I'm just stuck on the mouse grey color more than anything.
  6. I believe you can find the Mouse Grey in the smooth leather Groovee Satchel on bloomingdales.com. I think they still have all three colors. You might want to check it out. Good luck!!
  7. tp be honest, i'm not too crazy about this one! i mean the mouse grey color is to die for, but i would have to agree with iluvmybags... i like the original one better!
  8. i think the patchwork might actually help the bag keep some of it's shape- which is why i had to sell mine. i really dislike when bags lose their shape :sad:

    good luck!
  9. I Dont Like It Either..