Dr. Q Hillier Hobo with gold-tone hardware!

  1. I prefer the silver hardware for this bag!
  2. The Turnlock bowler is back, ladies!!

  3. I dunno, I kind of like the gold plate name tag on the hobo. I'd have to see it IRL.
  4. Wow! The turnlock bowler is really GREAT! Glad to know that is back again!
  5. i'm excited! i already have it in sunset and i absolutely love it. it's the perfect casual weekend bag. i wonder what other colors it will be available in?
  6. Ooh, a new blue bag option! I like it!

  7. this is a great bag, i have it in grey!
  8. I like the gold hardware better. I like both but placed side by side, the silver ones look boring..
  9. I saw a lot of the bags w/gold hardware at the MbyMj store - I didnt care for the Mouse Grey w/gold hardware. I think the silver hardware looks much better on the grey bags - The tan bags, however, look great with the gold hardware. The Hiller Hobo was stunning - Sep was with me the last time I was there and she had a hard time resisting that bag (she has more willpower than I do, however, becuz she decided to wait!)
  10. the tan bag was huge! i think it's a bigger version. i saw it at the bloomies near me.