Dr. Q Hiller Hobo question...

  1. I've been noticing that the MbMJ bags are really awesome in the stores right now.
    The Dr. Q hiller hobo - is it available in grey anywhere?
    I would totally be into that - must be beautiful in person. Love the cross-body strap!
  2. The last time I saw it in Grey was on Zappos. You might want to check there to see if any are left.
  3. i have this bag, love it!!!
  4. I too have this bag and it is great. I tend to wear it over my shoulder than cross body and it is super comfy. My sister in law isn't a big bag fan but when she saw it, she started drooling!
  5. check out bloomingdales.com. i believe they have the hillier in grey. good luck!
  6. oops. i just checked the bloomindales website and they only have it in white. sorry! however, i ll be visiting the mbymj store tomorrow to exchange my greeen bowler with the faridah in poppy. ill ask if they have one in stock and if they do would you like for me to put one on hold for you?
  7. the grey might still be around at the mbmj stores.

    did you know they've got a whole bunch of different colors on Shopbop now.
  8. oooh...i luv the one on the right. and i believe its in patent leather. it must look gorgeous in person.
  9. [​IMG]
    I saw this one today at Nordstrom and it was really cute! They had the one with just handles too, don't know what that one is called.
  10. is there any way to get deals on this bag??
    I'm a poor student, and I just saw this @ Nordstroms, and fell completely in love with it!!
    I know it's almost unlikely to find any good discounts on this b/c it's such a new item, but if you guys know of any, please share it!! thank youuu!!~

    and im quite envious of those who own this purse!
  11. thanks Kath! definitely let me know if they have it :smile:
  12. I love this bag, too! Does anyone know if it will be likely to go on sale? I would love one in canvas white.
  13. Oh, Kath ... do you have a MbMJ green bowler? And will you exchange it? I'm longing for a MbMJ in green color!

  14. oo i really love the color combo on that one.
  15. i was at the mbymj store yesterday and had asked if they still had the grey hillier. sad to say that they dont carry it anymore. according to the ass.mngr. it was from last season. so sorry. your best bet would be looking at ebay or ill keep an eye for you on craigslist.