Dr Q Groovee - white or black?


Dr Q Groovee - white or black?

  1. blackness

  2. whiteness

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  1. I'm getting a Dr. Q Groovee for Christmas for myself! Black or white?

    I'm open to other bag suggestions by the way, but this is probably the bag I like best so far with Marc by MJ! :smile:
  2. nice christmas gift! lol
    out of those two ... i prefer the black.

    i like the mouse grey from this season the best though xD
  3. Definitely black! Must admit that I quite like the grey one too :love:
  4. That is a great bag!! Of the two choices, I would also say black. And I agree with the rest that the mouse grey is nice too. They both have beautiful silver hardware!! Good luck on your decision!! :tup:
  5. I can't find the mouse grey anywhere though :sad:
  6. i had no idea that the new groovee came in mouse grey too. it looks great! if i didn't already have one, i would be tempted to get it myself.
  7. Grey all the way!
  8. :tup::heart::wlae:
  9. Somebody bought it! The mouse grey one was on the Zappos website like an hour ago and now its gone... Hopefully it was snatched up by someone on TPF!
  10. Congrats to whoever grabbed the Grey one! If I didn't already have the Dr. Q in Bordeaux, I would have gotten it for myself!