Dr. Q Groovee - Which colour??

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Which colour for Dr. Q?

  1. Black

  2. Dark Portobello

  3. Grape Juice

  4. Other? Post in comments.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I love this bag and would die to have it as my first M by MJ purchase!
    So what do you think would make the best addition to my EXTREMELY small collection?

    (Own a lovely red Miu Miu coffer).

    I'm thinking a versatile colour, so either the black or dark portobello. But god, the grape juice is lovely...and my favourite colour is purple. :X

    Please let me know your thoughts!







    F*ck the regular colors. This fall will be all about PURPLE!!
  3. Hehehe, that's what I'm thinking. So many collections are showing purples and reds this fall. And I totally wouldn't mind owning a hot purple bag! :biggrin:

  4. that bag is HOT
    how much is it???
  5. ^ $498.

    i picked grape juice. the color is so beautiful and rich!
  6. ITA! If you love purple, that grape is HOT!! And everyone's been talking about how purple is THE color this fall!
  7. oh cr4p! I hit other colour by accident! I meant to click grape! lush colour. plus you can get black anytime
  8. i choose grape juice but the dark Portobello would be my next choice :O)
  9. Another vote for Grape Juice. It's a beautiful color.
  10. Yeah, DP is my second favourite choice!!
  11. ^ I agree! I'm on the same boat as you...I just saved up enough money and I was about to take the plunge but now I'm not so sure...
  12. Hands down the GRAPE!!!!
  13. Well, my fav. would be saddle color in previous seasons.. but this season everything seems to be about purple!! go purple!!
  14. I really want this bag, but I have no clue what color to get. I think I'm going to go with Grape!