Dr Q Groovee/Lovely Aline in NiceTan Comparison Poll!


Which bag is your favorite and would be the one you would buy for yourself?

  1. Dr Q Groovee

  2. Lovely Aline

  3. Neither

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  1. Heres my story: I fell in love with the Dr Q at first sight. My heart was hammering, I needed this bag so much! I quickly ordered it from Shopbop and waited impatiently for it to come. I tore open the package when it arrived and was astounded by the beautiful golden brown color, the hardware, the lining, everything! I held it by the double handles and was pleased, then...I threw it over my shoulder, looked down and couldnt believe my eyes! The whole shape of the bag *mooshed* into itself...like concaving almost! Both sides of the Dr Q leaned in towards the middle and no matter which way I positioned it on my shoulder, the bag's lovely shape had completely morphed into an unidentifiable and very messy looking *blob* of leather. Dont get me wrong, it looks absolutely beautiful held by the handles and when resting on a table or countertop...but as soon as the bag is worn from the shoulder, it just isnt the same bag anymore. I returned the bag but I think about it often, the great leather, that fantastic color, ect....

    Anyhow, I am now looking at the Aline satchel from MBMJ. It comes in that same yummy golden brown "nice tan" color and is a very cool looking bag. I admit, it didnt send me into a frenzy like the Dr. Q did, but I think this might be a very viable handbag option for me.

    My question is this: Do any of you guys own this bag? Do you like/dislike it? What are your thoughts about the bag in comparison to your thoughts on the Dr. Q?

    Any thoughts are welcome and much appreciated!
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  2. I've been waiting for someone to post about the Dr Q Groovee bag coz i'm in love with it too~
    Unfortunately for me, i don't own one......... yet! I'm trying so desperately to find an online store that has it in the Bordeaux color but to no avail. The department stores here only have Nice Tan :sad:
    This may sound odd but i see Dr Q as an over the arm bag and Aline as a over the shoulder bag. It might be just me but bags with shorter straps like the Dr Q i dont put over my shoulder.
    Aline has more structure... Dr Q doesn't look as nice if its flat and empty (which is bad for me coz im the type that doesnt put a lot of things in my bag)

    .___." sorry. I'm not good at explaining.
  3. without a doubt, i would have to choose the dr q. i own it in bordeaux and it is my favorite mbmj bag! the aline is lovely to be sure, but the leather is not as soft as and i prefer the overall look of the dr q to the aline. i don't know if you've seen both bags irl, but i think the color of the aline is not as rich either. it's the most mature-looking mbmj bag i've seen. i understand your concern about the "smooshing." since the leather is so soft, it doesn't hold it's shape very well. when i carry it on my shoulders, i find that my arm is covering a part of the bag anyway that i really don't mind.

    it sounds like the shape of the bag does bother you quite a bit, but on the other hand, it hasn't made you completely dismiss the bag either. you're still thinking about how great it is! if it were me, and i ended up purchasing the aline, i would still be pining over the q and about all the ways i liked it better. then again, i am biased! :shame:

    chipmunkvoice, did you check Nordstrom? i know they ordered the bordeaux. you should also try calling the boutiques. they're really helpful at tracking things down.

  4. Since you have tried the Dr Q and disliked it enough to actually return it I'd try the Aline - then you'll know for sure. If you can't see both in person that is.
  5. Its no longer on the Nordstrom site and i remember seeing it in Nice Tan only. One problem is that i'm all the way down in Australia... but i'll definitely email Nordstrom.
    Thanks for that :smile: yay~ one step closer in getting my hands on the bordeaux Dr. Q. Thank you tadpolenyc~~~