Dr. Q Groovee in bordeaux

  1. Does anyone know wher I can find this bag in bordeaux? I've looked all over online and haven't had any luck so far...
  2. this bag is difficult to find online. most of the usual mbmj retailers only carried the bag in chocolate or nice tan. i'm not even sure why as it seems to be the most popular color. i was told my a sa in the nyc mbmj boutique that they're currently sold out of the bordeaux satchel.

    i've only seen it at Nordstrom.com, but it has since sold out. my advice would be to call the one of the mbmj stores. they should be able to locate one for you then you can have it shipped for a flat fee of $20. hth!
  3. I got mine @ a Bloomingdales store.

    You could call a local one and see if they have a Bordeaux in stock, or if they could find one in another store and send it to you.

    Good luck, it's a lovely color and a great bag!
  4. :crybaby::crybaby:I just called around and nobody has one! And it was the perfect color I've been looking for for a year! I'm so upset. Now I have to keep looking.
  5. Nordstrom had them in store too. They can do a charge send out of any Nordstrom.