Dr. Q Groovee - Black or Grey?!

  1. I held off buying this bag in Fall 07 and I'm kind of glad that I did b/c it's now available in black and grey!

    I'm really undecided on which color to get though. On one hand, black goes w/everything and it won't show dirt as much. But on the other hand, grey is my favorite color and my gut says to go w/the grey. Plus, I don't like the pebbled leather on the black as much. Which one do you guys prefer?

    To those that own MbMJ bags, what do you use to protect and weatherproof them? I live in New England and we get everything from rain to snow. I'm mostly concerned w/water spots and dirt from daily usage (especially if I do end up getting the grey).

    Also, I read some older threads about the Dr. Q Groovee and how if you use the longer shoulder strap, the bag loses its shape. But all of those threads were about the Fall 07 bags, not the bags from the Spring 08 line. In this picture from eluxury.com, it looks as if the bag doesn't lose its shape when the long shoulder strap is used:


    Is it b/c the bag is really stuffed to capacity here or do you think this problem has been "fixed" w/the newer bags?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's input and advice!
  2. I prefer the grey color!! I do not have the Dr. Q Groovee so I cannot comment on the strap issue and I am not sure if anyone on here has bought the newer Dr. Q yet. I do love the silver hardware on them. I bought a softy zip clutch recently in the mouse grey color and I love it!!
    I have 4 mbmj bags and I have NOT used any kind of leather protector or anything else on the leather bags and some I have had for about 3 years and the leather is still really soft and looks great. Maybe someone else can answer that for you! Good luck with your decision! I think the Dr. Q's are nice looking bags!!
  3. Thanks, Stacie! Good to hear that your bags have held up well over the course of 3 years; that's reassuring!

    I think I am totally leaning towards the grey now.
  4. I say get the gray! It's a nice color and I'm sure you have a basic black bag already. However, I don't own the Grovee so I can't comment on the strap issue either. Good luck and I hope you post pics once you get it. :biggrin:
  5. I'd go with the grey. I mean, I'm a bit biased, since Grey is my favorite color for bags.

    But it really is such a great alternative to black.
  6. the groovee looks great in the mouse grey color. I think I recently saw one on eBay!
  7. I like the grey! It really shows the detail.
  8. Oh good grief - I'm bumping up this thread. Did you get the grey or the black?
    Me personally, I want BOTH!!!! I'm getting ready to sell a bunch of my stuff just to do so - I'm a nut job. This has to be the most beautiful squishiest wonderful leather.....:heart:
  9. i saw go with your guts and get grey. it pops out more.

    oh it seems like this is an old thread. well i hope you got what you wnated!
  10. i have recently bought the bag in white (the same one as one the picture), i too live in a country where it rains a lot, so i'm also in doubt if i should treat it or not.. did you purchase it yet? dit you treat it?

    I'm very afraid to treat it, because of the white, but also afraid not to treat it :confused1: (where i live there's no such thing as applegard product, so if i decide to treat, i'll have to find another product..)
  11. Def grey!
  12. Definitely go for the grey...just gorgeous!!!
  13. i have the faridah in grey mouse and it's such a gorge color!
  14. I saw the Grey Grovee today and I must say it was definite eye candy - but not something that felt comfortable on. On me, I found it a little bulky on my shoulder. As a handbag it's not too bad. I'm probably in the minority here - but I realized today this bag isn't for me - but that the Hillier definitely is!
  15. grey...but can i see a pic. of the grey? Please? :yes: I want one too..:smile: