Dr. Phil

  1. Anyone else watch his show?

    When I was working, I watched him on my days off.

    What were your favorite issues?

    I think he can be very insightful, though i don't think his show is a substitute for an actual therapist.
  2. I love Is This Normal? and Extreme Behaviors.

    I love it when people talk to him about things so strange that even HE goes, "Huh?"

    In dealing with my mother and how she treats me sometimes, I've e-mailed show transcripts dealing with that very same thing to my dad. He showed one to my mother and all she said was, "I've NEVER said THAT!"
  3. I don't think he gives good advice most of the time. I also think, he tends to favor one person/party and see one person/party as the bad one. He also seems to give advice that he would not take himself. One show comes to mind with a kid who said he should get everything he wanted because his parents were well off. Dr.Phil was all basically why don't you come live at my house? I'll show you real work, ect. Yet, looking at his own kids, it's clear he gives them all they want. Jay only has a career because of his dad. I really don't see him any different than other tv show hosts who give advice. To be honest, I think Montell (sp?) Williams gives better advice.
  4. I watch Dr.Phil every now and then. I think he genuinely cares about his guests, and he does give good advnce. His show is very pop psychology and most of his guests have problems that can be solved outside of therapy. I think it's more for people who are watching the show that can relate to the guests' problems and take his advice to improve their own lives. He is very good with relationships advice.
  5. I used to watch Dr. Phil everyday and thought his show was great but like everything else you can get burndt out.. and am taking a break from Dr. Phil.
  6. So sorry, I really dislike him.
  7. I watch him sometimes to pass the time between 3:00pm and 4:00pm when all the daytime talkshows are coming to an end and all the comedys are starting up. I personally think he's okay but a lot of times the guests that he has on the show can be crazy while other times the guests really don't need a therapist at all.It's like two different extremes. I did like one of segments about the family with the daughter that got pregnant and the mom and dad were on the brink of divorce while the other daughter was neglected because the parents cared about the pregnant daughter because she WAS pregnant. I think that family was the first Dr. Phil Family...anyways I really did get caught up with the family and I really did care about them and I always make it a point to watch the updates that he does on the family.
  8. I like Dr. Phil for the most part:smile:

    I love when he does issues surrounding weddings!
  9. i used to watch him every Tues on Oprah. since he has gotten his own show, i hardly watch it.
  10. I am watching it right now. My gosh. I feel so abd for the kid. His dad and stepmom went to Dr. Phil and stuff but it didn't work out. He's hoping that somehow it would and what breaks my heart is the question he has for Dr. Phil, "Did my mom ever love me as her son?" or something like that. That's just so sad, to have a child ask that question.
  11. I used to like him but now i think its just a drama series!
  12. I've caught his show a few times, it was okay but I still think he is full of himself!
  13. I can't stand him!!! As a Psych Major, I think he gives the most basic, predictable advice and no professor that I have ever had thinks of him as respectable. I also don't see why his dumb wife gives people on his show counseling, as she has absolutely no credentials. Sorry, I just cringe whenever I hear the name "Dr. Phil".
  14. My mum loves him :biggrin:!!! I think he gives good-advice most of the time, but I think the show is too commercial.. it kinda takes the edge off the real problems..
  15. I love him. i find most of his advice is great and he makes alot of sense. His wife also seems to have a lot of good common sense.