Dr Perricone skincare?

  1. I'm thinking about switching to Dr. Perricone skincare and wanted to get some opinions from you...Any products you really like? Dislike?

    I have normal to dry skin and starting with the fine lines and wrinkles--eek! But--do have a slight sensitivity to products, as I was on accutane a few years ago and am now somewhat sensitive (but clear):yes:

  2. My sister uses some of his products and loves them. I know she uses a moisturizer and has a hard time finding something that works on her sensitive skin too. I think she also uses his eye cream. She did not want to try the cleanser because she is happy using Kinerase cleanser and a few of their other products. Is there anyway you can get some samples before you commit to buying their products?
    Good luck.

    Laugh at this one--I found his one book something like 28 days to better skin at the dollar store and gave them to all my friends. My one friend actually tried the diet but after 2 weeks got sick of eating salmon. Things are pretty sad when your book makes it to the dollar store.:nuts:
  3. I recommend getting some samples before you try his line. I have some samples of the face finishing moisturizer, vit C ester, and advanced firming activator and so far, no sensitivity and allergic reaction.
  4. I HIGHLY recommend getting some samples to try out before buying his products. I made the mistake of buying the Nutritive Cleanser, Firming Toner, Advanced Face Firming Activator, Concentrated Restorative Cream, Face Moisturizer, and Eye Therapy before testing any of these products beforehand. I figured since I've been using Obagi and Retin-A for 2-3 years, I can probably tolerate anything! I wanted to stop using Obagi since it is such an aggresive treatment, so I switched to Dr. Perricone. After 2 weeks of using his products, my face was red and starting to breakout, but was told it's probably the products working to cleanse my skin out and I should give it 6 weeks to really see the results. By the end of 6 weeks, my face was super red and sensitive, it felt like the skin was burned off, and to top it off remember those breakouts I had at week 2? Well they never went away, it just got worse..I was getting larger cystic acnes around my mouth, chin and jawline. I stopped using Dr. Perricone and switched back to Obagi to clear out my acne and lighten the scars. It's been 10 months now, I have my clear skin back and the scars are not visible anymore, so I'm slowly phasing out my Obagi products and replacing them with La Mer...so far so good.
  5. I use his line during the months that it's hot and humid where I live; there simply isn't enough moisture in them for my super dry skin (due to meds, chemo- which is over- and genetics). The eye products did nothing for me. Also, I can not use his line on my chest area. It gets red, scaly and itches. The products are VERY strong and you need to be careful. I have a dermo that sells the prescription items, so my insurance covers those. Did I see a difference? Yes, I did. And I have ALWAYS been careful with my skin. His products led me to the ReVive line (which I am currently using) due to ingredients and because Dr.P can be used along w/ReVive products. My skin is amazing; esp. as I was starting to see a tad of the sagging in some of the skin (due to weight loss and age, I'm sure) and a few lines. Now, all is gone.

    Read, read and read up on his stuff. It can get very confusing and some products are not meant to be used every day, you don't need some if you are using specific (waste of money as they do the same thing) and you MUST wear a sunscreen during the day. HTH
  6. Thanks everyone for all of the advice! I'm going to keep researching and asking friends/family/and of course, TPF family for advice. I will try to get some samples before I make the leap.