Dr. McDreamy Sighting

  1. I just took my dog for a walk and I looked into the window of the restaurant next door to where I live and who do I see sitting there all by himself.... Dr. McDreamy. Patrick Dempsey.

    And yes he looked McDreamy.:tup::graucho:
  2. Oh yummy!! How did you hold yourself back and not fly through that window?!?! J/K!! How fun!

  3. Very easy if you saw the way I looked. I was wearing pajama bottoms and a bleach stained sweatshirt. Oh yeah my DH was with me.. haha
  4. Oh my gosh you are soo lucky!!!!!!!! He is sooooooooo gorgeous!

  5. Yes he is :graucho::drool:
  6. awwwwwwwww
  7. this made me smile!

  8. haha I know!!!:graucho::heart:

    That's an awesome sighting hun!
  9. Ohhh lucky you!!!
  10. oh you should have faked some sort of injury/medical emergency and hopefully he'd have come to your rescue with his "TV" doctor skills!

    UMM kiss of life anyone?

  11. Ohhhh man why didn't I think of that. LOL:roflmfao:
  12. You lucky lucky thing!!! I'm sooooo jealous.
  13. omgg ur so lucky, I would have jumped on him!! it would have been worth going to prison. Hes soooooo Gouregous:love:
  14. He's cute. I'd have my way with him...if I were single that is! :girlsigh:

    And who cares if he weren't willing...hehe..
  15. OMG how exciting. I love him.