Dr Kim at BK Hospital

May 27, 2009
Hey everyone, i m planning to do a rhinoplasty + cheekbone reduction + genioplasty all at once at BK clinic with Dr. Kim
he said he could do all of these in one operation.
just wondering if anyone has had any past experiences with Dr. Kim in BK in Seoul?
or is there any other doc who is better than him?
many thanks~~~
May 27, 2009
everyone seems to be quoting this letter to say BK is bad, but i havn't seen any other negative comments and in this one, no doc or nurses' names were mentioned. this letter to me sounds a bit fake...
also, BK has been around for >10 yrs rite, and still so renowned..must be for a good reason?

please let me no if i m wrong. i wanna do thorough research before i go ahead with the operations

DON'T Ever go to BK Clinic in Seoul ruined my face: HORROR STORY

I researched BK Clinic in Seoul to get my plastic surgery procedure done. They seemed to have a clean website, they spoke fairly good English, and their prices were competitive. What I couldn't find were testimonials on their site. I didn't quite know what the feedback from actual patients were which was quite unsettling as they seemed to be a corporate giant with no comments from actual patients. Anyways, I was planning to visit Seoul so I went ahead and set up an appointment.

The first time I walked in was for a consultation. The lobby was filled with patients who were complaining about their procedure. One lady walked into the office and said that the bandages on her face were not properly placed therefore fluid was leaking out. Another lady walked in and demanded for a doctor because the implant in her nose was slowly receding to the side of nose. At that point, I wanted to jump off the couch and walk out of the clinic but I had already put down a deposit of 50,000 Won so I decided to wait and at least see the doctor before jumping to conclusions.

First I was ushered to a room where a "consultant" not the doctor analyzed my face and suggested what work I should get done. I clearly told her that I just wanted my lips augmented but she went on with her evaluation. She wasn't pushy but she had a way of making you feel that you "needed" work done in areas you didn't really want. For example, I have a pretty straight nose but she suggested that I get a tip-plasty and a silicone implant to heighten it. I adamantly refused.

Then she said my eyes were rather small and suggested that I "elongate it" by getting a medial epicanthoplasty. I had never heard of it. She explained the procedure to me assuring me that "many" patients get it and that it was totally natural and common. I refused and said I only wanted my lips augmented.

She said I would need to get fat graft from my abdomen and transfer the fat to plump up my lips. As she said, "it is the only way to achieve the natural look" I was thinking juvederm or restylane would have been simple method but she said they were not natural but synthetic therefore potentially harmful. (In retrospect, she was trying to make more money for the clinic. As I later found out fat graft is 3 times the cost of fillers and both achieve the same effect.)

I eventually agreed but I didn't understand why I would have to go under total anesthesia for lip augmentation. She said they would need to numb my stomach area and extract fat. She agreed it was pretty intense for lip augmentation so she said I should get cheek augmentation as well.

I never considered it but she brought the mirror up to my face and showed me that my cheeks were hollow. She said it would give me a more "youthful" look which was ironic because I was only 22. Then she retracted her comment and said "most young people get it to heighten their cheekbones, you know to achieve the western look."

So after coaxing me for about an hour, I agreed to the procedure and my total cost went from $1,500 to $3,000. She said that getting two procedures done would be better because I "needed" the cheek improvement and that I might as well get it now than later since I would have to go through the pain and downtime twice.

I then asked, when I was going to see the doctor. She paused and went "Oh you wanted to the see the doctor?" I was surprised. Yes, I would like to see the person who is performing surgery on my face. She grew impatient and said he would say the same thing. After seeing that I was not satisfied, she abruptly left the room.

When I met the doctor, he was uninterested, tired, and bored. I would assume after performing on so many people. He seemed to view it as another procedure rather than another patient. He barely answered my questions and agreed to what the consultant said over his shoulder and nodded his head.

I was then told to head back to the lobby. I was given a card and told to go home and come back on the day of surgery. Everything that I went through would have been easily forgiven if not for the results of my surgery. What happened next is every patient's nightmare.

On surgery day, I was rudely escorted to the operation room and the doctor nowhere in sight. They injected some fluids into me and put me under anesthesia.

The next thing I know, I wake up with my face fully bandaged and my stomach feeling like a ton of brick fell upon it. The nurses told me it was totally natural and told me to go to the waiting area. I was literally told to get off the operation table and walk myself out of the room because they had to clear it for the next incoming patient. This is when I knew this place was like a factory with people moving in and out like a conveyor belt. I was disgusted.

I went to another room with three makeshift cots crammed in one room. The beds were already occupied so I settled myself down on a steel chair (right after having surgery they couldn't even provide a laying area.) Finally when a patient vacated the bed, I got to lay down for the first time but about 30 minutes later a nurse came in and said "I was good to go" and that I should leave since there are other patients waiting. I was appalled. I got myself out of bed, undressed, and left the clinic with no assistance. You would think after having fat removed from your abdomen and having stitches they would provide a wheelchair.

As I said before, up to this point, everything could have been forgiven only if my results were satisfactory. However, they were FAR from satisfactory, my face currently looks botched up by unnecessary fat injections on my face. My face is asymmetrical because the doctor applied fat right above my cheekbone instead below, making me look like the bride of Chucky. My lips are asymmetrical as well because he put more fat into one side than the other. So people ask me why I am smirking all the time! I purposely have add more lipstick on one side. My volume of my lips has not changed at all as the fat has reabsorbed into my body in a matter of a few days.

The only thing left is a crooked smile and disfigured cheeks which show signs of small bumps in the light. I called the clinic multiple times but they were unresponsive. They are fully aware that I can't visit their office because I am overseas in the U.S. and they took full advantage of it.

Finally, when I threatened to visit them, the doctor was put on the line and told me he would re-perform the surgery. I refused and asked for my money back. He said he could not do that. If this surgery was performed in the states, I would sue them through and through for medical malpractice and emotional distress but I know nothing about Korea and their laws which puts me in a very difficult and frustrating position.

I consulted with a plastic surgeon in the states and he said the doctor who performed surgery was not experienced and skilled in fat injections. He told me NOT trust this doctor and recommended that I no longer receive any services from him.

At this point, I regret ever going BK Clinic. Not only is my face disfigured, I can do nothing about it. I don't know how to sue in a foreign country and they know it. All I can do is wait until it "settles" and consider reconstructive surgery later in the future. More than anything, I am so angry that I went ahead with the surgery when all the signs were so clear to me in the beginining.

1.) Crowded area with too many patients and too few staff
2.) Complaining patients who were brushed off with false assurances
3.) Marketing procedures a patient does not need or want
4.) Price inflation on surgery procedure
5.) Absence of the doctor performing surgery
6.) Grandiose Advertising and Promotions
7.) Lack of customer service or consideration pre-op and post-op
8.) Ruining someone's appearance and NOT taking responsibility for it.

I called around to other Plastic Surgery Clinics in Seoul to see if the behavior at BK was what was considered normal in Korea and they were very responsive. Both Oz and Rosee Clinic offer full refund of your money and take responsibility if the procedure goes wrong or not to the patient's satisfaction.

These are the clinics I called:
Rosee Plastic Surgery
Oz Plastic Surgery

For anyone considering plastic surgery, I would advise to do your research.

1.) Do it in your home country, so as a consumer you know your rights
If you do it overseas, thinking they are more skilled or cheaper you are dead wrong.
Problems arising from overseas plastic surgery is 10 times worse since you are a foreigner.

2.) Do you research. Just because the place is well-known, popular, or have an established website DOES NOT mean they are skilled at what they do. What it means is, that they invested alot of money on PR and advertising to make their clinic seem so. The best way to find out if a clinic is trust worthy is from references through friends or family who personally had a procedure done at the place.

3.) Do not settle for less. Ask for the doctor during your consultation and no one else. If the place seems like a conveyor belt, get the hell out. They don't care about your well-being you're just a number. They care about your money and how soon they can get you in and out.


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Nov 4, 2006
Eeek, sounds bad! No matter if the letter is fake or not I have to agree with the writer on one point: Do not get surgery in another country just because it might seem like a slightly better deal! What if you run into troubles? It's not worth the couple of dollars you might have saved. We're talking about your body here and health is priceless!


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Nov 13, 2009
Iam thinking to go Korea in may 2010 to bk clinic .I heard doctor kim is very good for eyelid and nose job.If somebody know about him .Please let me know.Thank you


Jan 2, 2008

what is this doctor's full name that everyone is raving about? I too want a rhinoplasty and I looked on his website @ BK clinic...there is 3 surgeons that go by dr.kim? which are you refering to?

Thanks, sophieL123@hotmail.com


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Nov 5, 2009
Yeah, i have read that blogspot about BK clinic too.
I initially wanted t go over there and do double eyelid surgery, but my parents insist on me doing in sg instead.



Oct 24, 2008
Has anyone been to oz clinic in korea? I'm planning to head there some time in jul or aug this year for double eyelid surgery. the dr has been quite responsive to my email inquiries.


Mar 22, 2009
personally i dont wanna be mean to that girl who wrote the Testimonial but yeah i dont think u should care too much about her testimonial unless your gonna do the same surgery as her.
When she stated the nurse said it would give me a more "youthful" look which was ironic because I was only 22" Well duh if she has hollow cheeks she probably looks super duper old for her age thats why she needs it.

Another thing she clearly thought she was gonna be treated like a princess or something, ANY CLINIC, ANY COUNTRY ITS LIKE THAT. I got my surgery done in Taiwan and you dont see the doctor until the last second DURING THE OPERATION day, nurses will put fluids and you just hang around with the IV drip in you until you get anesthesia into you! i guess she didnt know that. ANOTHER THING why was she there on her own? What does she expect? Someone to roll out a red carpet for her? When i was my surgery you basically go when your done. (i got my nose done so obviously i paid to stay in bed, BTW i know someone personally who went to BK clinic and they stayed ONE WHOLE WEEEK in bed and thats just a nose job OK and she got treated by a kind nurse) but after my surgery u go on your own, no one is gonna ascort you.

Sorry to here her surgery gone bad... but if she is talking about SERVICE she was expecting too much its stardard by what you pay for, if u need help u gotta open your mouth and say "hey may i have a wheelchair i wactually really need it" You are also offered if u want a assistant (u need to pay tho) its quite standard.
#5 and #7 is wrong . i suggest ppl talk to real ppl who they can chat VIA msn. Cuz there r lots of good testimonials.
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Apr 13, 2010
are u going in May?
I am planning to go there in May for surgery too and looking for some buddies to go with:smile:
pm me

Iam thinking to go Korea in may 2010 to bk clinic .I heard doctor kim is very good for eyelid and nose job.If somebody know about him .Please let me know.Thank you


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Jun 3, 2010
@ vivi_bee
I totally disagree with you because i had my first rhinoplasty in the US, michigan to be exact and i was treated like the king. i wasn't sent in to see the nurse or office manager first, but only the doctor himself. prior to seeing him, i emailed his office and he would call me back to answer my questions. quickly after surgery, i was sent to the recovery room to rest for about 45 minutes and was given juice. none of the staff rushed me in any way or form. even in the room they keep on checking my blood pressure to make sure it was normal before i left. they did that several times because it was quite high but after a little bit, they decided maybe i was nervous and just let me leave. i was pushed out of the office in a wheelchair by one of the nurses. and no i didn't ask them for one. it was the proper etiquette after surgery especially after rhinoplasty which is a big one. they called the hotel where i was staying at and called for pickup. it was when they were downstairs that the nurses took me downstairs. 2 nurses took me down btw. one pushed the wheelchair and the other opened the doors and led the way. when i was almost by the hotel van i wanted to just get up and get on the can myself. the nurse politely scold me and told me don't do that and to let her help me b/c she will get in trouble. note that i didn't ask for the office to do any of these stuff. they valued customer service and just did the right thing.

don't tell it is what you get because in korea, bk clinic makes a ****load on their procedures because they overcharge their patients. if you compare the cost of procecdures in the US and in the korea, the difference is very significant, but the standard of living is diff in each country. in the end of the day, bk is famous because they spend an exorbitant amount of media. u see them everywhere from TV to magazines. does that mean they are the best? nope. look up michael sachs of new york. he was all over the media. but little did people know he had mutiple lawsuits and violations. also kanye west's surgeon dr. adams. so please stop it with how oh ur expecting this much, this is how it is. not all doctors are the same just like not all people are the same. paying more and being on tv doesn't mean ur a reputable doctor.

bk is a large clinic where ur just another number. ur well being and satisfaction means nothing to them. their goal is to squeeze as many procedures they can in a day. seriously, don't book the procecures if your outside of korea just basing it on tthis forum. u have to go there and see if ur comfortable with the office, staff and doctor. do it right the first time and not worry about it. if this is the type of service u get after ur procedure, imagine how much of a pain it would be when there are problems and u need a revision. and even worse, something that requires immediate attnetion. their reply? sorry make an appointment and wait at the back of the queue. we are busy today. sad.


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Jun 22, 2010
hey so is it that bad from korean BK DR KIM? I have read some CNN news about the statistic study of this group..but I dunno wat to do too cuz I have make a boooking recently with them and I dunno If I should go?!! I m in HK now and I heard China have rhynoplasty and after I enquire, I know it cost about HKD 27,000 for a chin augmentation + korean nose reshaping procedure...


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Jun 22, 2010
anyone who had nose job from korea pls standup?? share with us about your rhinoplasty experience in korea clinic.BK? IAAN? IPS? and make some recommendation ?!there were so many videos in youtube talk about the plastic surgery...but none of them I could understand... anyone please?? help??!! SOS...
Here the link for introduce/opinion of the doctors...translate?? anyone? what doctor's name?


Dec 25, 2007
Has anyone been to oz clinic in korea? I'm planning to head there some time in jul or aug this year for double eyelid surgery. the dr has been quite responsive to my email inquiries.
Hi, I did my double eyelid surgery at OZ clinic in korea! there's a huge thread at another forum that I started about my experience and many other people have contributed. (the first post is mine)