Dr. Haushuka (sp?) skin care

  1. Has anyone used it? What do ya think? TIA!
  2. Do you mean Dr. Hauschka? A natural cosmetics line that gets very good reviews in consumer magazines? I haven't used it yet but apparently many people do so with great things to say over here...
  3. ^yup!! :smile:
  4. I love it, I am using the rose day cream but I only put it on at night or if I am not going to put on makeup as it is very rich. I bought a travel/trial kit of differnt products at Wild Oats and liked all the creams and cleansers. It calms my skin which can get very red and is very moisturizing. Have you looked on makeupalley.com for their reviews? Hope this helps.:smile:
  5. I've been using it for about 5 years. Its fantastic. You will need to consult with a Hauschka specialist--usually the stores that sell it can help you, because there are different kinds of products for different kinds of skin. They can give you samples to see what your skin needs, and then once you've adjusted, you will be able to get a routine down.

    I use morning and night:

    cleansing milk (awesome for removing makeup)
    clarifying toner (pat it on, don't wipe)
    moisturizing day cream

    in the shower, I use cleansing cream before the morning treatment.

    my skin looks so much better since I've been using it.

    It costs a lot, but IMHO its totally worth it.

    Another good way to learn about it is to get a facial from a Dr. Hauschka trained beautician.

    You can call Hauschka and they can tell you who is in your area.

    I had it at Auberge du Solei in Napa, but I now go to Orange Spa in SF.
  6. i always read celebs use it but i personally don't like what i've tried:shrugs:
  7. i dont like what i have tried....
  8. I think skincare is really personal. I liked it immediately, but I have really sensitive skin. Plus, I had people show me what to try and how to do it. That makes a big difference.

    I used to use Kiehl's, Clairins, Lazlo, Clinique--I've been though a lot, but I've stuck with this one bcause for me it really works.