Dr. Gross Skincare (formerly MDSkincare)

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  1. great! I'm running out of Beta Peel.

    Thanks for the heads-up, OP!
  2. thanks! I was running out of the Vitamin C serum :P
  3. Seriously?? Dr. Gross? I thought that was a joke-name!
  4. Thanks!
    I never knew Dr. Gross was previously MDSkincare, I thought they were 2 different companies.
  5. there's a REASON they didn't name it dr. gross from the get-to, but i guess now that it's pretty famous dr. gross wants the recognition.

    i am using somme institute's transport pads instead of md's beta pads atm and i love them! if you are a beta pad lover, you may love the SI transport pads too.
  6. I was able to Pricematch last night at Nordstrom!!!
  7. is this a nice line?
  8. the peels are great!