Dr. Denese Products

  1. Has anyone tried products from Dr. Dense? I was thinking about purchasing some products but I wanted to see what everyone thought?
  2. I was also curious.
  3. Yeah..she seems to now what she is talking about.
  4. Well since there were no responses..i will let everyone know how it works! I ordered some the other day! Wish me luck!
  5. Thought I would update this thread...tried it for two months...and i give it two thumbs way down. The only thing I liked was the sunscreen b/c it felt weightless. Everything else made my skin sticky and red.
  6. I bought her things a few years back. They are actually pretty good and worth trying. See if you can get some of the "try me" kits from qvc. They allow you to try a few of the products at one time for a good price. She does have a TON of serums and it can get so confusing as to which one you use. The things I like best were the BHA cleanser and the peel pads (they were great actually). Her day cream with spf is good too. Hydroshield is good if you are dry.