Dr. Denese anyone? QVC?

  1. I saw her lecture on PBS, and found that she sells her skincare line on QVC. She sounds so convincing, and I kind of want to trust her products because I saw her on PBS~haha. But she's also a dermatologist so I would like to trust her. Anyone use her products? or hear good things?
  2. Check out her line on QVC.com. You can always return it if you don't like it. But my experience has been that QVC rarely sells anything that doesn't do what it's supposed to!
  3. I agree, QVC does stand behind every product they sell. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
  4. a bit skeptical but willing to try. my current skincare regiment is not cheap either so i hope her kit will work out!
  5. I tried her tinted moisturizer with spf. It was very nice, can't remember why I don't use it anymore. I don't think it gave enough coverage maybe.... But, nothing bad happened to me, so I'd recommend it!
  6. I've used her glycolic acid pads, and I love them. If I didn't need an aha/bha solution, I'd go back to them.
  7. I'm on her entire regimen. I've used high-end, and spa products prior and I'm impressed with Dr. Denese's line. I'm in my 30's and use the cleanser, toner, glycolic pads, serum and age corrector cream. I actually enjoy doing it all and have seen gorgeous results. It's given me a beautiful glow. Check out makeupalley.com and you'll find some reviews. I highly recommend it!
  8. I use to use her glycolic acid pads but I found something that I liked better so I stopped getting them.
  9. I am tempted to buy her tinted moisturiser with SPF, but every time I go to call and order it I chicken out. I really should just buy it, in the long run it's pretty inexpensive, and she looks amazing so she must know a thing or two.
  10. I second makeupalley.com, they have tons of reviews for everything.

  11. Yep I definitely agree! I have love everything I've gotten from them. and if you don't like it, you can replace the item with something else or get a refund and they are prompt!
  12. My mom's face looked really good the other day, and I asked her what she was using. It turned out it was Dr. Denese foundation. My mom is in her mid 50s, and her face looked quite radiant. I'd give it a try. Like everyone else has said, QVC is good about returns.
  13. Bump! I recently tried Dr Denese's hydroshield ultra moisturizing serum and it's wonderful in winter!! Not greasy at all and it makes my skin soft and moisturized. Wonderful serum for dry winter months!
  14. I have used her glycolic pads & do like them... They worked better for me than Dr Gross

    But the best IMO is really ReVive...