Dr. declining ultrasound/sono

  1. I am 7 weeks plus a few days and I just went to my first dr. appt today. I have my exam next week but I was talking to the nurse today about trying to figure out exactly how far along I am b/c I am thinking my last period may have been implantation bleeding.
    Anyway-The nurse pretty much told me that I should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat by next week (8 weeks) and they don't do any ultrasound/sono until 20 weeks!!!! She told me they can't really tell me how far along I am until this point. I think this sound excessive. Can you insist on an ultrasound? If I can't hear the heartbeat, am I just at the mercy of the dr., waiting for my monthly exam to check the heartbeat again?
  2. That's kind of odd that they wouldn't an US to date the pregnancy. There are going to be diagnostic tests that need to occur at certain times, most of which are before 20 weeks, that you might want. If you don't know how far along you are, how will you know when to have those?

    I got my first US on those exact grounds. My cycle was really irregular, so I wasn't sure how far along I was. I turned out being two weeks less far along than I thought, which threw off the testing window for me. I had no problem getting it on those grounds, though I'm also 36 (was 35 then). However, even just the first trimester screen that they do for everyone, at least in California, is supposed to be done at a certain time, approx 11-14 weeks.

    I would just specifically ask them for a dating US on that basis and see what they say.
  3. My doctor did one right at 12 weeks because she couldn't hear the heartbeat. Did Ultrasould and baby was hiding under my layers of blubber!! He was fine...
  4. I had a sono @ 8 weeks to see the heartbeat. Your situation sounds strange. Is it the office policy, or is it an insurance issue?
  5. Mostly here in Ireland now the maternity hospitals only do a scan at 20 weeks....not fair ...i went to a hospital on my third that scans monthly....would not go back there again but would pay to go to a private scanner if i ever have another baby....
  6. I am not sure why they won't but I have an appt next week to hear the heartbeat but if I can't hear the heartbeat at that time, I will insist on a u/s. I thought it was odd too. This is the deal, I am either 7 or 11 weeks...we think. The nurse took one look at me and said, "I don't think you are getting close to your 2nd trimester so it can't be 11 weeks, I think it is 7" and left it at that! I will speak up next week though. Thanks ladies!
  7. I may be wrong but.... usually with HMO ins, the Dr. really has to have good reason to do an US before the 20 week mark. Or the ins won't pay. I had a PPO and they had nooooooo problem doing US after US to pinpoint my fetal age. Go figure.
  8. how much is a prvate scan here in the uk..Does anyone know
  9. at st.john's and elizabeth hospital (london) ultrasound scans charges are between £180-£300. i don't know if you've to be with them for the whole pregnancy to be able to get u/s scans there or if you can just make an appointment even if you're not in their antenatal care.

    you can try calling their Birth Unit Secretary on 0207 806 4090.

    hope this helps:smile:
  10. I really don't understand why the doctor refuses to give you an Ultrasound on your next visit. Usually, they do an ultrasound on you on your 1st Prenatal Check up to find out how far along you are.

    With my 2nd pregnancy, they did an ultrasound 2x because they were kinda having a hard time getting the baby's heartbeat (I guess because the baby is still kinda "young" in my womb). So the 1st ultrasound was done via placing a scope on my tummy.. the doctor's couldn't really see a clear picture of the baby so he tried an ultrasound machine that is inserted in your vajayjay. By using that 2nd kind of ultrasound machine, my doctor was able to get a clear picture of the baby and his heartbeat.

    If I were you, I will insist on having an ultrasound.. if your doctor doesn't comply.. switch to a different doctor while you're still early in your pregnancy. You do not need this kind of stress when you're in a delicate condition. :flowers:
  11. fashion16 - I don't know what country you are in but here in the UK where it is all free you get a routine scan at 12 weeks and another at 20 if there are no probs. They do the 12 week one as a dating scan exactly so they can pretty acurrately tell the age of the baby then they know when to book the 20 week one which is longer and a scan for all sorts of anomalies etc- Then if there are serious probs you have time to consider your options - I mean if you are unsure of dates how do they know the20 week scan isn't being performed at the wrong time? It does seem odd to me but of course I don't know how your private insurance system works if you are in the US. I would insist on one. Plus how can the nurse tell accurately just from looking at you - I looked practically full term at 20 weeks whereas my friend didn't even start showing until 5 or 6 months along 'cos she's a skinny minny and I am not!
  12. I also had my first ultrasound right away, I think it says 7W 4D on my first one! my second was at 12. Dr's do things differently, but I was told that they wanted to be sure how far along I was.
  13. i have to agree with everyone else that that is pretty strange. Early ultrasound is one of the best ways to date a pregnancy. I don't know how a nurse can tell how far along you are just by looking at your tummy:shocked: I know people who didn't show till their 5th month and people who started to show as early as 8 weeks. In any case, dating a pregnancy hould be a legitimate enough reason to get an ultrasound. You might want to ask your insurance provider if it will be covered. If it is, then insist! If it isn't and it won't be too huge an expense it would be a good idea to have it done anyway.
  14. It is not customary in the USA for doctors to routinely perform/order an ultrasound at the first visit. They will do a physical examination on you, and gauge the size of your uterus at that time (yes, they can tell if you're more 7 or 11wks just by feeling the uterus!). If you have bleeding, or should you measure extremely off will they order one.

    Once you reach 12 wks, they should be able to hear the heartbeat on your belly (Doptones). And yes, the ultrasound at 18-22 wks.

    Someone mentioned that insurance companies may not cover this, I agree.
  15. Most doctors (that I know of, and according to my friends) do not do an ultrasound before 20 week unless there is a problem:

    1) Your particular insurance may only pay for the one unless there is a problem. They will only pay at the 20 week mark. Believe it or not even 5 years ago US military Tricare insurance refused to even do the 20 week one unless there was a "problem," so doctors would diagnose a "problem" at 20 weeks just to have one.

    2) At 6-7 weeks you may not see anything because the baby is basically a little worm-looking creature and the only thing you can see if a little flashing light of the beating heart. With my first I bled a lot so I got a lot of ultrasounds (I had a subchorionic hemhorrage, turns out). Anyway they ultrasounded at 6 weeks and you couldn't see the baby so I had to go in a week later for another ultrasound. So if you ultrasound to early you think you have a blighted ovum until you go back and do it again (or you may actually have a blighted ovum and will miscarry or need a D&C). Anyway, it's a lot of unnecessary stress especially if you are unsure of your dates, and you may only be 4 weeks along and will definitely not see anything thate early.

    3) Finally, ultrasounds put out radiation. There seems to be not ill effect to it (thatnk god! because I needed a lot!) but doctors still try to minimize them if they can. 3D scans and 4D scans put out a lot more radiation than the 2D scans do.