Dr Brandt's Crease Release

  1. Ok here is a tidbit review for you ladies in your mid 30's with crows feet or like me and my friend's like to call the forehead-taco (that frown line in between your eyebrows). Dr Brandt's Crease Release.

    My friend called me in the middle of the night super excited because she said she had discovered botox in a bottle and that I had to take my butt to nordys the next day and buy some...so of course, I check it out. $150.00 for a little tub of squishy cream! I asked the SA if it really worked and she said that she had seen it work but that it wears off. She also told me that I could put some on my face and try it out - so I did, and it did work!!! I guess whatever chemicals they have in the cream actually "fills in" somehow the wrinkles on your face and smooths it out big time!

    but I didn't buy it. LOL I'd rather have my fine lines than slather my face with sponge-cream filled wrinkles. but if you have a need for immediate wrinkle free skin, I think it would totally work. I might use some for my high school reunion now that I think about it...:graucho::graucho:
  2. Sounds like an interesting product-I wouldn't mind checking it out.
  3. Does it come in extra strength? I think that's what I need...
  4. money wise, 4 jars of that = a vial of restylane.
  5. yep - I ended up getting botox instead - it lasts for 6 months, never comes off and looks pretty good :graucho: