Dr. Brandt

  1. Have any of you heard of him? He is a world renown dermatologist who specializes in skin products along with in office procedures. His name and products are quite well known.

    His products are said to work miracles- which I will be trying out soon. I saw him and another amazing dermatologist today.

    Just wondering if any of you have heard of him or use his products? Amazing Dr!
  2. I tried the Microderabrasion, but I wasn't happy with it. I felt like it left a film on my face and it was pretty harsh (and that's coming from a girl who uses a regular buff-puff daily.)
  3. My brother has been using him for years!!!

    His skin looks really good!!!! He even gets a facial w/ his products on the regular.

    BTW: our mom made us use high end skin products since we were children :p That is how my brother started using his products
  4. I went to him about a year ago. Ummm no comment for me. . .
  5. I agree with TheImportersWife.
  6. Yep, I am going to start using his products- just need to make another appointment to figure out what he thinks will work best for me.
  7. I tried some of his stuff- a cleanser, toner and night cream and I think it was too harsh for me-- I broke out in a rash-- at least i thought it was a rash- anyway- no other problems since I stopped:p
  8. I think his stuff is pretty effective- but also may be hard on some. There is a line for sensitive skin :yes:
  9. I used his eye cream & loved it but its realyl hard to get over here in the UK.
  10. I use the Poreless cleanser and toner and they work pretty well for me