Dr. Brandt skincare?

  1. Has anyone used it? Is it worth the $$$?
  2. Have you ever seen that doctor? He scares me. He is so strange looking. I saw an interview with him and he said he is his own best patient.

    About his products. I have used them in the past. I have used Crease Release (which you can get a very similar product with same ingredients (Dermafreeze) at your local health and beauty store for a fraction of the price). Pores no More (which is pretty good but I prefer the Smashbox Photo Finish). Laser in a Bottle, I liked it but it kept bleaching my hair and clothes. I do still use the V-zone neck cream.
  3. I saw him on Dr. 90210....he is scary looking

    he says he's the biggest fan of plastic surgery on himself....

    and his stuff is expensive.....but i was curious about the no pore stuff
  4. i use the pore effect and it has worked wonders on my skin i dont brake out like i used to..love it...
  5. It worked wonderfully for me as well, all of his pore products. However after a few months of usage I guess my skin became immune to the product and my breakouts came out.

    So I find myself jumping from product to product in order for it to continuously work.

    However his products aren't strong so it's great for sensitive skin.. I have never felt like it burned or anything either. If you get some at Sephora and youf ind that it doesnt work for you, you could always return it :smile:
  6. The Microdermabrasion in a Jar is fantastic exfoliator that leaves your face feeling very smooth.
  7. I have the "C" gel, purchased in Paris, my most expensive beauty item so far....I don't know yet exactly what it does (it's a vitamin C serum) but it's heavily charged with silicon, and feels all greasy when applying; I do have to force myself....
  8. Everyone should go to the store and try Dr. Brandt's Pores No More... my god it works like magic! Unfortunately it also costs too much -- Clinique's pore minimizer works decently at less than half the price.
  9. This product is rather split with opinions. Some LOVE it, but many have experienced horrible breakouts from it, myself included. I'd try to score a sample and try it before you buy it.