Dr. Bonner's Magic All-in-One Soap

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  1. I see these all the time, and yet I'm completely baffled by their purpose. Do you use it as bubble bath? Body wash? All of the above? Do any of you gals use this? How do you like it?

  2. I use the peppermint & lavender soaps in the summer. I have extremely oily skin and the peppermint just refreshes my skin without leaving it stripped. It is castile soap (pure olive/vegetable oil) so it is very gentle.
    I also use it to do my face cloths in the washing machine, wash my dogs, etc.
    It's good stuff!
    Don't brush your teeth with it though; yuck!
  3. ^^^ Those are my preferred flavors of it, too! :smile:

    On a hot day, when you come home sticky and gross and just plain hot, there is nothing like a tepid (neither hot nor cold) shower with Doctor B's peppermint soap!

    You don't have to be sticky and gross to enjoy it, though.

    In fact, as an added bonus, the peppermint flavor can also be a delightful and most amusing surprise for an unsuspecting shower companion... :devil:
  4. Annie, castile soap IS good for everyting, shampoo, clothing/laundry, skin, etc. . . .
    When my sister was in her 'crunchy phase' she used it a lot! :smile:
  5. It's good stuff. I use a little bit of it added to a bleach and water solution in a spray bottle to clean my counters, I wash my dog with it, it's also great diluted down as a wash for wood work!
  6. I love the almond liquid soap. I've used it in the shower and for hand washing clothes. And believe it or not, it works for washing dishes really well, and no bad chemicals go down the drain and into the ocean or ground water. Your post reminded me to get some the next time I go shopping!
  7. I use the one with the blue label...the peppermint. I like to use it in the morning cause it's so refreshing. and sometimes I mix that with just a teeny bit of my regular shampoo for a deep clean.

    I had no idea u could use it for other stuff though. gotta try it out. and oh, read the labels....they're a little weird.
  8. :tup: I started using it when I was leaving my hair in its natural state. My favorite is the pepermint and almond soaps. They say you can use the soaps for all sorts of things but i've only used them as shampoo.
  9. Almond is my favorite too, but I have really dry skin and cant handle this stuff in the winter. But what I find AWESOME in the winter is Trader Joes Salt/Sugar scrubs- LOVE THEM