Dr. 90210

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  1. Anyone else love this show. I am so addicted to this show. It makes me just want to go see Dr. Rey to get some work done.
  2. Wow i guess no one watches this show. You don't know what you are missing. Great show
  3. Actually there was a 20 or more page thread discussing this which is no longer here. It may have become a problem discussion. I personally am a huge fan.:smile:
  4. Everyone please make sure what you share in a thread is not be hearsay or defamatory. That is NOT allowed ever- the comment will be deleted and if it happens after you have been warned, you will lose posting privileges.
  5. I thought I remembered posting something on this show here, there was nothing in it except my own opinion, and nothing I would consider defamatory, I did speculate on my impressions of Dr Rey's suitableness/aptitude etc for marriage and family life, but I received no warning message to the effect that expressing such is inappropriate.

    In short, I don't think it was anything *I* said :biggrin:

    It is interesting, I know of another forum where posters are not permitted to discuss the show at all, though the entire forum is about different TV shows, and to ban discussion of such a popular program will have involved a significant sacrifice on the part of management.

    So I will speculate some more that person or persons involved with the show has a very vigilant and in my opinion, overzealous staff, that scours the internet regularly searching for people posting rumors that their client loves them a cocktail, hurts puppies, hurts cocktails, loves them some puppies, who knows? and then proceeds to bother the administrators of the forums where the messages appear with their own messages, on the subject of wrinkled underpants.

    This is a shame, since talking about people on reality shows is pretty much unavoidable if one is to talk about the show at all, and while one can certainly sympathize with those who suddenly find their names in the public's mouth, and are subject to sometimes unflattering comments about everything from their choice of hair color to rumors that they are planning to adopt 7 sets of Bulgarian quintuplets and use their reality show money to start their own acrobatic troupe, they do sign releases, and celebrity, fame and fortune is not free, and perhaps the vigilant and overzealous staff members would serve them better if they pondered that.
  6. ack! I'm confused. So we're not allowed to make defamatory, ie negative comments? Did the forum get into trouble?
  7. I'm sorry i didn't want to get anyone in trouble. I just was saying i love the show. Sorry :sad:
  8. Defamation is different than negative... I am going to close this- and Vlad and I will make a forum wide statement later on to clarify things.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.