Doyou wait for the bags in the outlet?

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  1. Generally, I try to wait for the bags to hit the outlet unless it is an absolute must have and I don't think it will end up in the outlet in the color I am looking for...sometimes, I will even buy it in the full price store (with a 25% off coupon) and then store it away in case it makes it to the outlet later and I can return mine with the original receipt:biggrin:

    So what's your buying approach- only at the outlet, can't wait for them to make it to the outlet, half and half???
  2. Since my outlet opened I haven't stepped foot in a FP store. I figure if I want it bad enough I can wait a few months for it to hit the outlet and if it doesn't make it to the outlet I'll wait to find it on ebay.
  3. I don't have an approach. But the breakdown of my Coach bags is as follows:

    5 full price from JAX, or boutique
    1 at a 25% off PCE
    3 50%+ off from the outlet
    1 50% off from Macy's
    2 roughly 50% below retail on eBay
  4. I've bought most my bags FP or with 25% off. I usually use the outlet for gifts or small accessories (not a big fan of paying $200 for a wallet :nogood: ). I find that my outlet may get styles I want (like they had a Penelope shopper), but not the colors that I like. I suggested to my mom that she and I go to the outlets next time she's down because she typically likes black signature bags and I think the outlets have a decent selection of bags like that. I really feel like the outlets are hit or miss for me.... so generally if I love a bag at FP, I'll pay for it. If I love a wallet at FP, I probably won't pay for it. :smile:
  5. Im not a very patient person. Go figure huh? LOL
  6. I've never purchased any of the things in my collection at the full price store except for the perfume but I got it with my PCE with it so it was still not full price. Most are from either the outlets or the Bay. There is only one bag I regret not getting at the full price store. It did make the outlets but I wasn't accessible to it at that point and I haven't seen it on the Bay for a while but I'm pretty sure I will find it there someday. I have a few bags that I waited for a few years til I get to have it for the price and condition I wanted. I don't mind waiting thouh except for that one bag I wish I did get.
  7. I'm an outlet stalker. My theory is if it meant to be mind it will end up at the outlets.
  8. No outlet, no choice! I get my deals at the dept. stores and use my PCE!
  9. The majority of my bags have come from the outlet except for my two Sabrina's that I purchased by using PCE. The only reason I purchased the Sabrinas in the FP store is because I really wanted them and I know they would never make it to the outlet. I did however get the leather matching wallet that goes with my Cherry Sabrina from the outlet.
  10. I'm lucky, I have a friend who works in the FP store and can get me her discount. BUT, most of my bags come from the outlet anyway!
  11. If FP has a new bag I love, then I will buy it and carry it while it is new, before everyone has it, and before it is at the outlet. That is worth the extra $ of paying full price to me. I don't typically stalk the outlet for a specific bag. I just go there and get whatever I am lucky enough to find.
  12. I've only purchased one bag at the boutique and used my PCE to get it. It was my Sabrina in black with silver hardware because I didn't see it going to the outlet any time soon. Otherwise I've bought keyfobs or mini skinnys or wristlets...using PCEs. Everything else has come from the outlet, ebay or Dillard's (on sale).
  13. Really depend on the bag, but my rule are never to pay full price on anything..

    Mostly I stalk the outlet, then Macy's one day sale (30-50%off plus 30% off) or their 30% off sale selection.. I rarely go to the boutique unless i want them to price match something..
  14. I've bought one PCE, all the rest were outlet. Only leather Coach you really see around here is MFF. So even if I wait a few months, I'll still have a purse that no one really has or has seen.
  15. This is my exact policy too and so far it's worked for me!