1. Ok, so I finally went to a doctor about my skin problems. The last 3 weeks I have been afraid to leave the house and Wednesday night (ok, last night) Mama and Daddy told me to stay home with no makeup on because my face was so bad. You have NO idea how bad it is.

    So I went to a doctor, not a dematologist, but a doctor. (I couldn't see a Dermatologist right away and I needed help NOW!!) So he gives me this face wash thing (which the pharmacy didn't have today but will have by 9 in the morning) and a bottle of Docycyline. Anyone ever tried it? Does it help? It seems like it's helping already. I took one pill while I was still in town today and by the time I was home it was not 10 but at least 4 times better.

    So please give me your feed back!!!
  2. it's an antibiotic, it's commonly used for acne.
  3. But does it work like Doc said it would?
  4. I tried all of the pills and creams from the dermatologist. The first one I tried was the Doxycycline and Benzeclin gel to put on my face. The Doxycycline did not do anything for me. The Benzeclin was ok it dried out the pimples but gave me a horrible stomachache so I could not take it. After the Doxycyline they tried the Spirnolactone pills which regulate hormones in your body that can be responsible for breakouts. That did not work that great. A little better but not much.

    I finally tried accutane and that worked great. It does have tons of potential side effects you have to read a book on it and sign a waiver. You absolutely cannot get pregnant while on it. I had to have 2 forms of birth control before she would prescribe and 2 negative pregnancy tests. You also have to get blood tests while on it to see if it is damaging your liver and stay out of the sun and do not get chemical peels or waxing done for up to 6 months after you use it. So a lot of side effects but great skin!

    In the mean time you could try chemical peels and you can get shots of cortisone in the pimples on your face. It makes them almost go away overnight. Insurance paid for my shots and one set of 6 chemical peels that I had. The chemical peels were harder to get approved through insurance.
  5. I was on Tetracycline another pill form antibiotic. Eventually my body got immune to it and the doc just put me on a low dosage for Accutane. I have been clear for the past two years. I'll get occasion breakouts here and there like when my period is coming but nothing major.

    If your skin is really bad try Accutane. Just get rid of it in one shot.

    The cortizone shots are the best.
  6. i used to take a pill called "Doryx" which is a slow release form of doxycycline. It was amazing. I only break out on my chin, but it totally cleared up my skin. I was on it for a few years. when i got off though, it took about a month or so, but i started to break out again. I tried doxy also and it didn't work as well but it was ok. you should ask your DR about Doryx though. A friend of mine with really bad acne also used it and her skin cleared up dramatically in about a month... This may sound a bit weird, but i recently started drinking Wu-Long Tea (or Oolong Tea) and i read that it helps clear up acne and since i have been drinking it my skin has again cleard up alot...
  7. I was on Doxy for about 4 months... I had cystic acne and was perscribed Doxy to kill the bacteria that cause the cysts. It worked fairly quickly for me... about a week and my breakouts healed. It was a while back, but as I recall, as soon as I started taking it, I didn't get any new breakouts.

    But, if you're on the BCP, doxy, like all antibiotics, will interfear with it. So use a back up, if that's an issue for you.
  8. just an aside..if you are going to be on antibiotics for any prolonged period of time you should ask your doctor abaout using probiotics as well to minimize the possibility of yeast infections whci increase with long term antibiotic use...good luck :smile:
  9. Your skin will clear up from the doxy-but once you stop taking it, you may breakout again. I had terrible acne and tried every oral and topical medication until age 25! Then my derm finally said accutane. It has been 5 years without ONE blemish. I get a lot of compliments on my skin. Stay with the antibiotics and use a mild cleanser for now, do not do anything too harsh; but get an appointment with a dermatologist so he/she can evaluate your skin and recommend a plan of action for you. Good Luck.
  10. I can tell a major difference already. Like tonight we went to a church friends house for a cook out (Cook IN, it's raining here) and I felt really confidence again. I had my hair back off my face because it was working so well.

    The doc gave me something, I forget the name, a cleanser that's 6% Benzoyl Peroxide and told me to use a cosmetic moisturizer the minute I was done with it. I haven't used it yet.

    But that Doxycycline had worked WONDERS in just a day. I feel like I'm getting me back. I was beginning to not to like to go places. Church is a big part of my life and I was getting to where I didn't want to go there anymore. I didn't want to see my friends or leave the house. When we were in town yesterday in Walgreens Mama and I were just killing time and I was staying "in the shadows" and not really looking for anything, just keeping my head down and turning away when people would come close and Mama asked me what was wrong and I said "There are too many people in here! We have to leave!" Tonight I was jokng around and being my normal self becuase there is THAT much of a difference.